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WWE Double Scum Mafia *GAME OVER*

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Hello all, welcome to the WWE Double Scum Mafia thread...




The game was due to start Monday, but is now OFFICIALLY OPEN!! due to circumstances outwith my control. Basically I've a party scheduled for Monday night, and I won't actually be about much to launch the game as I intended.


However, the early start WILL be taken into account when it comes to prods etc for Saturday/Sunday - as far as prods go, I won't start handing them out until after Monday. It wouldn't be fair otherwise.


Now, the players...


1. El Nicko Loco (Rodney Mack) [formerly Super Cena] - Vanilla WWE wrestler - ELIMINATED


2. Lion of The Midlands (Kurt Angle (FAKE ID!!! - Chief Morley, RAW Scum Roleblocker - ELIMINATED)


3. brownie ELIMINATED (Eric Bischoff - RAW Scum leader - FAKE ID: The Hurricane)



4. Dazz (Zach Gowen) [formerly Family Guy PMSL] - ELIMINATED (Vanilla WWE wrestler and TOWN INNER CIRCLE MEMBER)


5. Carbomb (Triple H - RAW Scum goon/leader. Fake ID: Rob Van Dam) [formerly SMS]



6. seph (Stevie Richards)


7. Chris Stone (Nathan Jones) - ELIMINATED, SMACKDOWN SCUM GOON (night one), LEADER (night 2)



8. spotlightmagnet1 (Chris Jericho) - Vanilla WWE wrestler, ELIMINATED



9. tom (Mr America) - Vanilla WWE wrestler, Eliminated



10. Snake Plissken (John Cena)



11. unfitfinlay (The Undertaker)


12. Nexus (ELIMINATED - Paul Heyman, Smackdown Scum leader - FAKE ID: Eddie Guerrero) [formerly Triple A]



13. Dan Williams (Kane)


14. Kenny McBride - ELIMINATED - (Brock Lesnar - Smackdown role blocker...FAKE ID: Rowdy Roddy Piper)



15. Bristep123 (Dawn Marie) [Formerly Lawz]



16. Teedy Kay (Sean O'Haire)


17. Mike Castle (Edge) - ELIMINATED (Vanilla WWE wrestler)




The rules:


1. First and foremost, names mean NOTHING. They're simply in place to stick with the theme, and to give people who enjoy them something to play around with. Just because you're a heel doesn't mean you're scum, just because you're a good guy doesn't mean you aren't. You might have a big name - you could still be a vanilla wrestler. Names mean absolutely nothing. They're essentially "out of a hat" jobs.


2. Don't bother citing PM's as evidence. Well, you can if you like, but the scum have been sent fake PMs so that they can refer to them if they need to. The fact that you can quote the win goal means sod all, as so can they. Also, each PM was carefully individually crafted, so there's going to be differences between each one anyway, even if you're on the same side.


3. If you're mod killed you don't win if your side do. A new rule, as suggested by Mike Castle. As such, here is his explanation:

If someone does something that requires a modkill, then they automatically become "Neutral Survivor" after their flip. So say it was the town tracker, you would do this:


Dead: XXXX - Town tracker. Killed by mod.


After death he became a Neutral Survivor, and thus can no longer win with town.


Obviously making sure it's in the rule set at the start of the game. Sure, his team still gets punished through having someone modkilled, but as it's nobody elses fault, and theirs alone, they shouldn't get to win with everyone else if their side still wins.


4. NO EDITING POSTS. This should be a given by now, but post editing comes with harsh punishment. If you want to edit, double post with the prefix "EBWOP"


5. As mod, this is my colour. Feel free to write in any colour of your choosing - but DO NOT use this one. Punishment is castration, and by posting in this thread you're legally agreeing to self inflict should this rule be broken.


6. The game is an open set-up, meaning YOU KNOW it consists of the following:


One Shot Vig x 2

Doctor x 2

Cop x 1

Vanilla x 6


Scum team 1:

Leader x 1

Roleblocker x 1

Goon x 1


Scum Team 2:

Leader x 1

Roleblocker x 1

Goon x 1


Inner Circle:

1 Randomly chosen town

1 randomly chosen Scum Team 1

1 randomly chosen Scum Team 2


7. The scum AND inner circle will be allowed to day talk. The reason I'm allowing this is because the scum are potentially being played as much as anyone with the existence of the inner circle, and may need extra info to figure out who they can and can not trust. I contemplated having a night only discussion thread for the inner circle, but it's an extremely tough win for them to pull off, so they too will have day talk.


8. The inner circle can win with their teams, and they can also win as a group. However, to do the latter they must all be alive at the game's end.


9. The town win when all threats are eliminated. To clarify - this does not necessarily mean the town member of the IC has to die.


10. All actions are night actions. As far as scum kills go, the scum leader has the final choice.


11. Scum leaders will show as innocent if investigated by the cop


12. The role blocker from each team can block one person each night. If the rival faction's leader is blocked, that factions kill will be also.


13. The scum groups win when conditions are such that they can no longer be taken out.


14. Personal abuse SHALL NOT be tolerated. This is a game, and I don't want anyone to be bullied or victimized. If someone is pressuring you, it's because that's the aim of the game, not because it's a personal thing. It's certainly no reason to lash out and abuse them. By all means enjoy yourself, and by all means express frustration. Just be careful how you do this and don't let the thread decend into a flame war.


15. No communication between players is permitted outside the appropriate threads.


16. If you'd like a personal Quick Topic for notes that's completely fine - but you do this on the agreement it becomes public at the end of the game. If you'd like one, PM me and let me know.


17. Each day phase shall typically last for seven days, with day one being an exception.


18. Night phases will last for 48 hours.


19. Your mod is only human - if you notice any mistakes please point them out in bold. This is my first game, and I'm sure I'll make at least one.


20. All votes and FOS's MUST BE BOLDED or they will not count. Similarly, if you don't unvote first any new vote made won't count.


21. If you don't post within 48 hours of your previous post, or from the start of the day phase (in this case I'm counting that from Monday since I've made the choice to start early, not you) then you'll be prodded. I may prod you on Monday anyway if you've not posted but this won't be an official warning.


Your second deadline is Monday 23rd May at 6pm


With 12 alive, it takes 6 to lynch


The game begins...

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4. Family Guy PMSL (Zach Gowen)


You clearly don't have a leg to stand on here ;)


It's good to finally get this game started, have really missed all this mafia game stuff

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The Rowdy Scot, baby! :-)


Fuck it. Random vote stage in effect:


Vote: SMS


Well, some old bastard as to stop RVD before he builds up a head of steam


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Couple of things I was thinking of in regards to the set-up and roles out there.


First, both vigs, I advise holding off shooting tonight. It's a one shot deal, it's best you make it count, and a night 1 vig is unlikely to draw very many good results.


Secondly, for both scum teams. Try and work out who amongst you is in the inner circle, this is one thing all three groups can agree on, we need to hunt down the inner circle group as well as each other.


Unfortunately, much as I'd love to advise the town inner circle guy to reveal the other 2 guys. It would, in actual fact, be playing against the win con. But if one of the scums in the group dies you'll be unable to win with the inner circle, so at that point, giving up the other guy is a great idea. (Same goes for the scum, if the town sided Inner Circle guy dies, you'll know someone from the other side, that's a great moment to whittle down the other team).


What I wil say for the town Inner Circle guy, if you're a power role, don't reveal it to your comrades, if one of them dies then the opposing scum know you have a power role, and what role it is (and potentially, any results you have if you're the cop). I'd keep that a secret so you can use it for good if the need arises.


Now my initial thoughts on the set-up and ideal play are out of the way...


Vote: Lawz


For having the only female character in the game :D

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Until you can prove you have a fake leg, then my votes on Zach Gowen, as I can't think of anyone else with one around this timeframe.


Vote: Family Guy


Just chill hotrod, plenty of smokes for everyone, because I am Rob Van Dam! *Does the thumb pointing thing*


Hello Dawn! ;)

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Son, I sold out every building in the country while high as a fucking kite when you were still an itch in your daddy's jockstrap. Don't try and tell me about drugs when I'm high on crack right now!

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Finlay, I've just noticed your comment. Why would you say that when Lion hasn't posted? Are we looking atvan early scum slip which exposes two of you? Or have I missed something?

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I claimed weak doctor in the last game, but was no such thing. Its revenge from the last game is all.


Vote Mike Castle


Its the law


Yup. It was a rvs with a reason so not exactly "random" but with no relevance to this game.

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