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horror movies


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A Tale of Two Sisters- Korean psychological horror that takes a bit of thinking to keep up with but excellent


Session 9- another psychological horror, intensely creepy setting


Inside- gruesome but genuinely chilling home-invasion(i think that's the phrase?) horror/thriller. weird pretence but it works surprisingly well



I like mystery films too so if anyone has any chuck them in here. I'm tackling 'The Killing' bbc4 series currently. All 20 hour-long episodes!

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The Burning - Fun little slaher from the early 80s.


Let The Right One in - Swedish Vampire film or if subs are not your thing you could go with the US version (which is one of the better remakes out there) Let Me In.


Night of the Living, Dawn of and Day of the Dead - I'm guessing you have already seen them and if not then why not?


Ju-on - Japanese ghost film, if you can hold of it then I highly recommend the original made for TV version (shouldn't be hard to find if you can shop online) otherwise the theatrical version will do, however the made for TV Ju-on 2 is a pile of shit almost half of which is footage from the first film.


Ju-on: The Grudge 2 - Sequel to the first (Japanese) theatrical film and close contender for best film in the entire series.


If Asian horror and Asian extreme films interests you then it may be worth your time to check out the following review site for some pointers.





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[REC] is outstanding, just picked up the sequel yesterday. They have also pencilled in two prequels for released this year and next year. Spain (and Mexico, for that matter) is producing some exceptional horror films at the moment.

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