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Any good wrestling podcasts?


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Hi guys I am a fairly new wrestling fan so please be patient


My commute to work is about an hour long and I take this time to listen to various podcasts.


The best one I have found is impact wrestling. Although it is 2 hours long and the presenter just answers to voicemails left by contributors it is actually very informative.


I have tried one other (smart wrestling fan) and have not been able to get on with are (too long and has no structure).


Any sugestions would be much welcomed

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There was one called, Formerly Creative?!? Or something along those lines with ex WWE writers, but it was far to drawn out on the first podcast for me to listen to any more.


That's Dave Lagana's podcast, he does a few different ones over at his website Iwantwrestling.com.


They're pretty enjoyable, getting to hearing from former members of the creative team of WWE.

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PW Torch's is good. They take live calls for about an hour every weekday.


I cant listen to this or the Pro Wrestling Report one on ESPN that are on iTunes. Both sound like they are recorded in a toilet. PWR is awful


Wrestlecast isnt regular but is ok, the JB one recently was good.


Didnt know colts was on iTunes thanks for the tip

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Hello there matey


a podcast with a big following and also very awesome is the colt cabana art of wrestling. its a great little podcast with workers just telling stories, good fun


if you want a reviewing podcast whilst having fun, i highly recommend smart wrestling fan. i've listened to this for years!


I've tried other podcasts but never fell to love them!

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Colt Cabana's 'The Art of Wrestling' is brilliant.

You can get it from iTunes or http://tsmradio.com/coltcabana/


Well worth a listen, even the one's with guys you're not especially fond of.

Is he still mates with WWE, or has WWE relaxed rules on what they let the talent do, interview-wise? He's had quite a few WWE wrestlers on there, presumably because he's mates with them. I thought WWE were pretty strict about granting interviews to wrestling-based podcasts and stuff though.

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If you're watching WWE, you might be interested in our podcast with Amazing Kong/Kharma, which you can find on here...

Is there a lot of WWE stuff in that one, then?

No, but it gives some background to her career. There's a Kelly Kelly one on there and also an interview with Serena Deeb for WWE chat...

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