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  1. Thanks everyone for the podcast suggestions below are what I have been listening to. It's a shame the majority of them don't have a chronological order of the events that they are covering. It means that you have to manually search through the feed. SCG Radio is good It's a shame their podcast feed only has the last 100 episodes The Lapsed Fan: is good but long Retro Wrestling Podcast: Really good production and storytelling. It is probably my favourite at the moment however they can be a little long Review a Wai. I've always enjoyed the chemistry between John and Wai. Unfortunately Wai is no where near as knowledgeable as John. They also tend to have a lot of preamble which can be dated if the podcast was recorded a few years ago.
  2. Thanks everyone. So I have decided to watch just the WWF PPVs until the 90s start. I was a big fan of the Hart/Yokozuna Feud in 1993 when I was very small so I may start watching the 4 raws that happen before each pay per view when I get to 1993. I'm currently on halfway through Wrestlemania 3. Pretty disappointed if this was the modern era and I had stumped up money for the quality of Wrestling so far. I'm trying to find a Podcast to go along with these. Currently I'm listening to Review a Wai and the Retro Wrestling Podcast. Would love any more suggestions of podcast
  3. I've started off with the Wrestlemanias and early WWF PPVs. I was planning on adding the WCW and ECW PPVs when I get to that date. However what I also enjoy about wrestling are the feuds. Just watching the PPVs would mean I would miss out a lot of the feuds however I do not have time or energy. to watch all of the weeklies. It would get crazy when it reaches the monday night wars! I'm open to any suggestions. Obviously I am doing this for fun and as an historian so I do not mind missing out large chucks if they are boring.I also really enjoy podcasts so if anyone can reccommend any to me that would be great. Thanks in advance
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