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Any good wrestling podcasts?


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i've listened to the first two episodes and can vouch for this it's a good listen. Harvey Dale gave some good insight into how he became a manager, how HOPE Wrestling launched, took a break, re-launched, etc and talked about the companies venture into Birmingham (which of course we all know didn't happen in the end). But yeah, i'm looking forward to the next one and hearing from Tom Russon aka Lord Graham Thomas III, as i'm sure on the the questions that was asked was about the Steve Corino incident. But yeah go and listen to 88 Smiles Per Hour people 

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Listened to part 2 of the Steve Austin one with Mick Foley this morning. I'd been putting off listening to it as Mick has turned into a bit of a cringe figure but I'm glad I did listen to it in the end. Great stories and great opinions, real laugh out loud moments from two guys who genuinely seem to enjoy each others company.

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