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British Championship Wrestling are pleased to announce that we will return to the Kilmarnock Grand Hall on Friday the 27th May for another night of top quality British Wrestling action. Over the next few weeks we will be announcing matches and what BCW regulars are set to appear but at this moment and time we are proud to announce that WWE legend Kevin Nash will be coming to BCW and is very much looking forward to meeting all his great fans in Scotland.


Kevin Nash/Diesel comes to Scotland -


At this time we can announce that Nash will be competing on the show and also hosting a Q&A in teh afteroon before the main show at night.




Front Row -

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We are also working at putting togther a ticket package for those wanting to attend the Q&A/Meet & Greet that were unable to purchase front row tickets before they sold out. More on this coming shortly.

That's what I wanted to hear. Good stuff.

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Two weeks ago fans in East Kilbride were left stunned as Kid Fite formed his very own personal army right before their very own eyes. Cleary a lot of planning had went into what transpired that evening as stage by stage Fites plan came together in perfect fashion. For those who missed it, an angry Kid Fite had promised to call BCW owner 'The Highlander' Colin Mckay out to the ring and have it out over Colin getting involved in Fites heavyweight titlle match one month earlier with Lionheart, costing him the victory. Highlander found himself accompanied to the ring by BCW tag team champions Blaze & Rampage only to be met with a volley of abuse as kid Fite let rip on the microphone. It was one powerful sentence that will be remebered by everyone in attendance that evening as Kid Fite simply said 'You Colin are so stupid you didnt even see this coming' before turning his back on Highlander only for Blaze and Rampage to attack the very man that made it possible for them to win the tag titles 3 months earlier.


As the beatdown on the Highalnder got more and more intense by all 3 men it was to be Stevie Xavier and Kay Lee Ray who were to make the save by storming the ring with steel chairs. What followed was a furious Highlander instantly booking a match for later in the evening that would see him and Stevie Xavier take on Blaze & Rampage for the BCW tag team titles.


Later that night as the tag title match progressed it was The Highlander who got caught of guard which then lead to Blaze and Rampage dishing out some more punishment to the delight of Kid Fite at ringside. Just as fans thought Highlander was about to get his team back in the fight by tagging in Xavier, Xavier jumped of the apron refusing the tag from The Highlander. It was then that it really sank in just what had occured as Highlander was quickly finshed of via double muscle buster from the champions. A viscious 5 on 1 beating followed before calm was finally restored.


Two weeks have since passed without word from Highlander or Kid Fite on the matter until just a few hours ago when the following link was uploaded to youtube and sent through to the BCW office.





What will The Highlander have in mind for The Aggression ? What ever happens May 27th is already shaping up to be an explosive night.

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Just seems that Nash MIGHT not be appearing at 1PW, and it's odd that they took him off of their front page. I was just pointing out I couldn't really give much of a fuck either way. I've been working under the assumption Nash won't be there for a while. Hence my choice of language.

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No, 1PW have, and I am assuming ( lots of assumption going on here which COULD be wrong, and looks like they might be ) that they'd be the ones sorting out Nash coming over, and if he were to cancel for them ( with X-Pac and Cabana pulling out since I last replied, it doesn't look good ), it wouldn't look good.


Apparently DPW still have Nash though and if that's the case then that could be good for BCW. So might still be in luck.

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