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TNA Constant gimmick finishes to matches


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I'm just wondering how often TNA seem to actually put someone over clean? It seems that every week be it Impact or PPV they have at least 3-4 matches that end in DQ/Countout/screwjob/interference - the series of matches both on PPV with RVD and Anderson have been utterly ridiclous both in quality and the amount of stupid finishes, it makes it very hard to watch in my opinion.

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Except of course my humble little video blog isn't being broadcast on Prime Time Spike TV.

And that its not a wrestling show.

Yeah but 1.5 million people watch it weekly in the United States alone, and its got a big following in several markets worldwide. Its not for everyone, but 1.5 million is a fairly large audience. So you should edit the part of your post which says "anything is more watchable" and replace it with "I'm talking shite". It would be the first credible post you've made.

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