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Monday Night Raw: 21/2/2011 Discussion *Includes Spoilers*


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I thought I may as well start this as it's my first time staying up to watch Raw in about two years. Promised myself I wouldn't stay up to watch this after staying up for the Elimination Chamber PPV last night, but as soon as I saw the clock at 59:59 for the unvaling of the 21.2.11 mystery, I had to change plans. Cena bringing back old school to send The Rock a message. No where near as good as Rock was on the mic last Monday, but good to see Cena trying to retaliate and get away from his current gimmick if only for a few minutes.

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RT @iJordanVI TV Guide lists tonights RAW as-"Why 2.21.11" WHY=Y/ 2=2/ 21-11=10- J is the 10th letter of the alphabet!- WOW very creative!


Gotta love it.


The countdown would be very fitting for a Jericho return.


well that theory turned out to be a bag-o-bollocks then :p

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Crowd was popping like a frenzy and neither man said a word through the entire segment!


Really I thought TripleH's pop was weak, I think Taker should have started talking then Trip comes out, not just walk out right behind him, daft that was imo.


It got better with the staredown, but still weak compared to the Rock, not sure how a feel about this, defently better than Trips vs Sheamus or Taker vs Wade, Sheamus push must be over.

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