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2011 Predictions.

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A tad belated but I figured I'd start a 2011 Predictions thread.


Essentially, anything wrestling related [aside from maybe deaths as we already have the Death Pool thread], about any promotion, that you think [or hope] will happen in 2011 can be posted in here and, of course, discussion and debate is always welcome.


I'll start us off.......


Wales' Barri Griffiths will debut after WrestleMania and be pushed to the moon. I predict a WWE/World title run before the years end.


Brittani Knight signs a developmental contract with WWE.


TNA revitalises the X Division by running a summer-long World X Cup which features the likes of Kota Ibushi, Pac and Prince Devitt

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- Hogan and Bischoff to leave TNA by the summer, giving the company a couple of barren months but fortunes start to turn round before the end of the year.


- Triple H to be in the Royal Rumble at no.30, but instead we'll see a shock winner (Morrison, Del Rio or a returning Christian)


- The Undertaker NOT to be defending the streak at Wrestlemania, as WWE sees the lowest buyrates for a WM ever.


- TNA ditch the TV title and the Knockout Tag titles, and focus on the three remaining divisions.


- Jeff Hardy sentenced to three years in the slammer.


- As Taker and Triple H head nearer to retirement, a shock main event push (or title run) for either Cody Rhodes, Kofi Kingston or Ted DiBiase.

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The Undertaker NOT to be defending the streak at Wrestlemania


I've been thinking that may happen or he ends up in some multiman match that everyone shits all over.


Matt Hardy will be back in the WWE with his tail between his legs.


Kong will come and go within two months from WWE after she smacks Hayes around for calling her a "nagger".


'Mania will piss off a ton of old WCW fans.


A WCW brand will be started and piss them off even more.

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John Morrison will get a shot at main eventing PPVs, but only after he turns heel.

Punk returns to the main event bracket and wins one of the world titles.

Del Rio will win of the world titles.

Nexus will disband shortly after WrestleMania and Slater and Otunga will be endeavoured.

Hopefully Truth will get endeavoured.

Gabriel will get over as a face when people start cheering his 450 and he will either have a high flyers feud with Evan Bourne or form a team with him.


Davey Richards will finally win the ROH title and possibly the IWGP junior title.


Akiyama may get one final run with the GHC title.

KENTA will finally get the GHC title.

Goto will win the IWGP title.

New Japan will promote Golden Lovers vs Machine Guns which will make me happy dance.


TNA will split up the Guns which will make me very sad.

TNA will at some point panic and AJ will end up champion again.

Joe will finally leave.

Jeff Hardy will go to jail for a very long time.

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* Hulk Hogan quits TNA. Bischoff surprises people when he sticks around a bit longer but soon follows.


* A major star (be they a main eventer or consistent upper-midcard with name value) leaves WWE - in the last five years we have had Trish, Lita, Booker, Big Show, RVD, JBL, Jeff Hardy, Michaels, Batista, Jericho all do so (for various reasons) - at the end of their contract.


* Alberto Del Rio becomes a big deal quickly by winning one of the major titles before the year is over.


* Jim Ross is brought back for an angle with Michael Cole.


* John Morrison or Dolph Ziggler will win Money In The Bank (possibly both if they do a repeat of this year)


* With Matt Hardy and Chris Jericho now gone from WWE someone else on the active roster will be on the receiving end of this year's trademark X-Pac/Credible/Kidman style smark backlash from the IWC. I'm predicting Randy Orton and Alberto Del Rio.


* More details from the Chris Benoit case continue to emerge.


* Someone in WWE who has never held the Big One before gets a big push during the first six months of the year, but is dropped back down the card and back in the same spot they are now by the time the year ends.


* Roddy Piper cuts one of the best promos of the year again.


* WWE's constant hyping of their PG rating during Linda McMahon's various public appearances leads to complaints from advertisers who watch the show and it receives pressure to tone down their product after some modern-day PTC type sees an episode where Triple H destroys Miz with a sledgehammer as part of their feud. WWE try to argue that there was no blood.


* Fed up with their (lack of) push least one WWE midcard Independent Contractor quits.


* Several disgruntled TNA Independent Contractors quit. One of them is Matt Hardy who promptly ends up right back in WWE.


* Jerry Lawler finally gets his in ring WM debut.


* Undertaker can't make it back in time for WrestleMania but does return to finish his feud with Kane, culminating in another Buried Alive match.


* New Japan's revival continues and as it does so TNA start to send over more of their big names for the G1 and BOTSJ tournaments.


* At least one surprisingly big name is let go in the annual roster clearing from WWE... I'll guess with Christian. He returns to TNA.


* The Rock teases another comeback for a live appearance. This time he means it.


* Undertaker/Lesnar doesn't happen at WrestleMania.


* Towards the end of the year TNA gets some competition from a new start up group featuring a lot of the old boys from WCW/WWE/ECW/TNA that is somehow able to get some TV time starting in 2012. At this moment in time the idea seems impossible.


* Mike Knox becomes a star in Japan, as does Luke Gallows.


* We finally get a WWE version of War Games with Team Triple H vs. The Nexus.


* Awesome Kong is given a makeover, a new name and a new gimmick by WWE Creative as well as a big push.


* WCW tie-in at WrestleMania is considered a disappointment but the show itself is mostly good.


* Vince McMahon returns to TV which results in a short ratings spike but makes no difference long term.


* Stephanie McMahon makes some TV appearances.


* At some point WWE writer's start slipping in more borderline offensive language. Idiots think this means "the end" of PG.


* WWE/TNA introduce Six Man Tag Team Titles.


* Fed up with declining business WWE actually decide to get behind one of the younger guys in a similar way to they did with John Cena and actually create a proper star. This person will be built up to headline WrestleMania XXVIII in 2012 in a "passing of the torch" moment.


* Nexus comes to an end. This doesn't bode well for the majority of its members. The ones who end up getting repackaged and/or singles pushes are the ones that look least likely to succeed.


* The Draft destroys at least one tag team and robs SmackDown! of most of its top stars including Alberto Del Rio, Big Show, Kane, Rey Mysterio, Jack Swagger, Matt Striker, Cody Rhodes and Kofi Kingston. In return they get CM Punk, one half of the Usos, Ted DiBiase and a few random midcarders from Raw who actually end up doing very very well in their new environment.


* Michael Cole turns full on heel and (eventually) leaves commentary for more of an onscreen evil manager type character.


* The U.S. and I.C. Titles are unified.


* Drug bust uncovers a steroid supplier who has distributed to WWE/TNA wrestlers.

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