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New Japan Pro Wrestling in America 2011


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By Mike Johnson on 2010-10-03 16:00:00


New Japan Pro Wrestling will be running at least three events in the Northeastern United States in 2011, PWInsider.com has confirmed.


Jersey All Pro Wrestling will be helping NJPW and working as local promoters for the events. NJPW used Jushin Liger earlier in the year and have plans for Liger to return shortly.


The early word is that NJPW will bring over a troupe of 12 wrestlers and that the first shows aren't slated until at least May 2011.


My fiancee is gonna hate me and say I only go over to America for wrestling shows, but, fuck it, I'm just gonna say at least this way we don't have to go to Japan if I've seen a lot of the guys live before hand.


I. Must. Go.


Devitt. Nakamura. Tanahashi. Liger. Kanemoto. Goto. Makabe. Nagata. Taguchi. Anderson. Bernard. Tiger Mask IV.


I wouldn't be surprised if Jado & Gedo are brought over.


I would kill for Kojima as well.


I guess American names like Richards and Omega (Canadian but y'know) would be in with a shout.

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Can we have a NJPW event in the North please? I'm sick of everything being in Portsmouth or Broxbourne or fucking St. Ives.




Our Huge Portsmouth WCW supershow was such a success we're not moving outside the city limits again :rolleyes:


LOL! Lion Kid Vs. The Z Man at the Pyramid... make it happen Mark!


I do wonder how NJPW would draw in the UK to be honest. I personally would love to see it but there is just something in me that thinks financially it could be a tough one.

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- When New Japan Pro Wrestling comes to the US, which is expected to be in May of 2011, the plan is to run the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, the Rahway Rec Center in New Jersey and then a third location somewhere in New York City. Jersey All Pro Wrestling will be helping to promote the shows.



Well The Arena is a given for me, and I do love Rahway cos there's a nice Irish pub near to the venue and it's a nice easy ride up.


Could do NYC and bribe Suz with some time wandering around Central Park again.......

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Jersey All Pro Wrestling announced that Gedo, Jado, Jushin "Thunder" Liger, Tiger Mask IV, Hiroshi Tanahashi and Prince Devitt will be working the New Japan events in the United States in May 2011.




Liger, Tanahashi & Devitt = FUCK YEAH!


Now all I need is Nakamura & Goto.

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