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[Nominations] Greatest Moment of the Decade


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- Edge cashes in on John Cena at New Year's Resolution and becomes WWE champion for the first time


- CM Punk cashes in on Jeff Hardy at Extreme Rules and saves us all


- ECW joins the Invasion on Raw 2001


- Roddy Piper returns during Hogan vs McMahon at Wrestlemania XIX


- Randy Orton finally punts Shane and RKOs Stephanie after they'd pretty much killed his push


- Randy Orton wins his first World championship at Summerslam 2004


- JBL vs Godzilla on Smackdown 2004/5


- Scott Steiner returns to the WWE at Survivor Series 2002


- The nWo debut in WWE at No Way Out 2002


- Tazz is revealed as Kurt Angle's opponent at the Royal Rumble 2000


- Brock Lesnar, accompanied by Paul Heyman, makes his WWE debut on Raw 2002 and beats the shit out of some losers


- Goldberg debuts in WWE on Raw 2003


- Chris Jericho sneaks into the Raw Scramble match and wins the World title at Unforgiven 2008


- Edge sneaks into the Raw Elimination Chamber match and wins the World title at No Way Out 2009


- Edge and Chris Jericho sneak into the tag title match (Legacy vs Colons) and win at The Bash 2009


- The Rock's impression of Hulk Hogan in the build up to their second match at No Way Out 2003 (I believe).



I will keep adding to this list, no doubt.

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Mick Foley returns on Smackdown as Cactus Jack in January 2000 covered in blood from a Triple H and DX attack the three days earlier on Raw. "Mankind could never compete in a Street Fight at The Garden but i have found a perfectly suitable replacement. I think you know the guy *Takes off mask and shirt*... his name is Cactus Jack"


Lance Storm starts the invasion by running in and superkicking some dude. 2001.


Rock vs. Austin. WM17 Hype video. "My Way" by Limp Bizkit.


Austin and The Rock sing to hype up their Mania 19 match.


The Rock Concert I.


The Rock Concert II.


Eugene's Musical Chairs.


Regal and Cryme Tyme dance at Summerslam (Year?)


Joey Styles enters the Hammerstein ballroom at the first One Night Stand in 2005.


RVD promo at ONS05.


Heyman promo at ONS05.


Joey Styles promo in run up to ONS06.


The fans throw back Cena's shirt at ONS06.


Eddie Guerrero wins title at No Way Out 2004.

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Orton's first title win at Summerslam 2004.


Ric Flair's retirement ceremony.


Benoit finally winning the big one at Wrestlemania XX.


The Undertaker's return on Smackdown, after Wrestlemania XX, and tombstoning Heyman.


Nearly forgot about HHH's return at MSG, huge moment.

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