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Greatest Moment of 2008


Greatest Moment of 2008?  

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Definitely the retirement ceremony. Not just for its own greatness per se, but also because we had members on here whom I had thought to be beyond jaded when it came to wrestling posting how great it was. To be able to garner that reaction is impressive, I feel.

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Voted for "I'm sorry, I love you"


That moment sent so many thoughts through my head, hoping Shawn would miss and Flair would win, hoping he's connect and Flair would kick out, wishing Flair was 20 years younger and at his prime.


But I also knew at that point and even though Flair was still able, it was time for him to hang up the gowns.

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I went for the Ric Flair retirement ceremony, simply for the goosebump feeling it gave me, and aswell as a storyline, it also had a "real feel" to it. Woooooo

I'd be surprised if this loses. I'd have probably voted for this in a similar poll covering the last 5 years.


Same here. Its a bit of a cliche but it really did feel like the end of an era in wrestling. I can't see anything topping it any time soon.

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