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  1. “But, but..., they’ve put pdf’s on their website!”
  2. The buzz had certainly died down but they still seemed to be trying new things, putting the belt on Cara Noir (even if that was due to Eddie Dennis’ injury), they still had access to Eddie Kingston and seemed to be positioning him high on the card. But to your original point, their popularity had certainly cooled, they’d gone quite some time without an instant sell-out
  3. Am I right in thinking that Smackdown TV highlights are still on an 8 day delay? So like today there will be Smackdown on TV but it won’t be last nights episode, it’ll be last weeks? Might just be worth considering. While I don’t watch the show regularly, as @Stattosaid NXT UK is fairly inoffensive and while it might be bland to grown ups, it might be something kids could get into and as he said about touring, they tend to run a different number of towns & venues compared to the main show, and ticket prices are favourable because (let’s be honest) they struggle to fill them. When they
  4. The “watered down Best ofs” are the trade off because the rest of the stuff features someone with some kinds of horrendous allegation them. Each wave of storylines brought with it a different person with some black mark against their name. Then again, they uploaded Evolve #1 last week which had Mike Quackenbush on it, so who knows, the full chapters might wind up there eventually for anyone desperate enough to watch a show full of abusers. For anyone that might be interested, the first third of this weeks Grappl Spotlight did a great job covering the problems with the promotion’s re
  5. “The ‘get over here’ doesn’t sound right” Thats the level of nitpicking we’re at now
  6. Did it replace English class that day?
  7. Not too sure, but wasn’t her breakout role playing a child prostitute? I think there were rumours of her and Michael Jackson starting a relationship when she was still quite young. Obviously, his Simpsons episode is missing yet hers appearance remains on there, so I don’t know, your guess is as good as mine.
  8. Probably not much of a surprise, but the Chris Langham episode hasn’t been included as part of S5. They’ve also omitted the episode with Brooke Shields
  9. He doesn’t though, he comes out of his own special section. More and more lately he’s come across as a right insufferable prick. Whether that’s the beginnings of a heel turn or not I don’t know, but you get the feeling that more and more of Cody the person is making its way into TV. When he wants to be, he can be good in the ring but the other week he went 10 minutes with Peter Avalon, a guy who no-one in their right mind would give a solitary shit about. If he’s going to be a star of the promotion then he needs to be presented as such, and it’s going to more than just giving yourse
  10. Got just over 5million viewers for the debut episode, which apparently is a great number for its night & timeslot. That number will most likely go down slightly as it tends to do once the ‘new show intrigue’ wears off, but it’s certainly off to a good start.
  11. So just to be clear, he wrote for Julian Clary
  12. First Rush Limbaugh dies and now this. What a great day this is turning out to be
  13. New Gojira tune, from the album ‘Fortitude’ out April 30th. Andrew WK has a new tune (Babalon) out today too which sounds very different to previous work but in a good way, not the ‘smacked out of his bin, no filter Close Calls with Brick Walls/Mother of Mankind’ way or his ‘just me & a piano’ album
  14. Despite asking myself just a moment ago, he could just be off selling being burnt alive. Brodie passing is as plausible as any other reason, but the right answer is probably the most obvious
  15. Depends if you class that thing with Cena last year as a match or not. If you do class that as a match, then he’s 1-3 at Wrestlemania. What was the reason for being taken off TV any way? Nagging injury? Less is more? Had another kid?
  16. The Alexa stuff is too far gone now, and as the poster above mentioned, is the culmination of weirdo fan fiction and writers whose entire inspiration is a stack of Blumhouse DVDs. They could’ve salvaged it somewhat when she reverted to her regular gear in that Nikky Cross match by having Alexa as herself plead for help, putting across The Fiend being an evil force controlling her. But no, just more random costume changes and “woah! I’m fucking mad me!”
  17. First we had ‘Is Test Still Dead?’, now comes ‘Is Teddy Hart In Jail?’
  18. One of his knees. He’s had surgery on both of them at different times, but his left knee in particular has been knackered for years. @Hannibal Scorch if you’re going to drop everyone whose a Qanoner, a trump supporter or just a general scumbag, the industry would be gone over night. Even the “look! we’re well progressive!” AEW has (at least) three trump supporting dipshits in executive roles. As for the UE though, I don’t have hope for them on the main roster. You think Randy Ortons going to sell for Adam Cole and take his little bunny-hop?
  19. Your relying on Bobby Fish to be match-fit for more than 5 minutes for that to happen, so don’t hold your breath
  20. The Japanese side of the Wonens Title Eliminator Tournament is well worth it if you get a spare hour
  21. Thank you everyone who has taken the time to respond, especially the person who PM’ed me. I knew it was going to happen, but even then your never quite ready for it when it does. He had a great life though and despite the issues he’d over the last year, never lost the gleam in his eye. Valkryie (his younger sister, my other Bernese) has been looking around the house trying to find him and I have to keep telling her he’s had to go away for a bit. She’s spent a lot of time cuddled up to me and then remembers she has a squeaky crocodile toy, which takes up a lot of her time at the mom
  22. Just done with the show. I don’t watch NXT week to week, just the boys I think I might like, but I know they’ll do a good job recapping what I need to know tend to watch most of if not all of Takeover when it’s on. * Gargano v Kushida - I assume that Gargano’s group is called The Way just so that he say “this is the way” at some point (assuming that he hasn’t done already) because he’s a fucking geek. This took what could’ve been a really good 15 minute match and made it a 25 minute drawn out affair. Seriously, what did they achieve by going 25 that they couldn’t have done in 15. Ku
  23. They’ve also signed Harlem Bravado who used to be in EVOLVE and there’s rumours of Bronson Rechsteiner having signed too.
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