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  1. My guess is that they can’t offer any transparency, as according Companies House WAW has been dissolved since 2017. https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/09582901
  2. Why hasn’t she gone then? That’s even worse
  3. “Yeah that’s sort of a development of what he said isn’t it? But yeah, again, fine to join in”
  4. What a loving son Matt Jackson is, letting his mates to go the hospital with his dad. I just picture him opening his eyes, “Nick....where am I? Where’s Matt? Who are these two cunts?” Is that AEW’s first count out? Or does it not count if it’s on the Japanese side of the bracket? Apparently you can just run out and tell the ref that something happened and they’ll just believe you, just like when Kevin Nash won that powerbomb match by telling the ref “yeah mate, I definitely hit him with the powerbomb, now ring the bell”. JR seemed quite quiet for most the night (which isn’t nece
  5. “I won’t apologise because to apologise would imply that I’d do something differently” and that’s just the first sentence. Fucking thundercunt
  6. Hart v Michaels, Austin v McMahon, Cena v Orton, Perry v TomJones233 ”you think you’re special, you do...”
  7. The reveal on this has absolutely done me in (ignore the Gary Barlow one)
  8. Wasn’t sure if it might’ve been removed from iPlayer because of Star’s launch, but yeah it’s still on there for now. Watch it wherever you can, it’s amazing
  9. Not all of them are on there yet, so don’t go looking the one about the XFL. Do go and watch OJ: Made in America though
  10. Futurama is on there too, which wasn’t announced with original list of titles, so that’s my first thing cued up to rewatch
  11. He wasn’t brilliant during his first run, but he was never outright awful either, and it was a shame that it all started to really click once he’d made the decision to leave the first time. I still can’t help but feel that announcing him as returning 2 weeks out and then and putting him on TV on the go home RAW before the Rumble really hindered him. Imagine the pop had he come out as a surprise entrant that year, before returns/surprise entrants had become an expectation. But, that was the penultimate PPV before the launch of the network so they were obviously hoping his return would ge
  12. So, everything all sorted by the end of June supposedly
  13. Yes, as far as I’m aware the sub month goes from the 1st of the month. So if you were to sub on February 28th, you would be charged on that day for February and then be charged again March 1st for that month. But, as @CavemanLynnmentioned, if you cancel part way through a month, you don’t have access until the end of the month, so any cancellations are best done towards the end of the month
  14. Confirming it because they were made to. Their PR team is having a nightmare
  15. A fantastic heel (you don’t even have to be fantastic, just good will do) is one that people will pay to see in the hope that they see them get their arse kicked. The only people who’d pay to watch Miz in any fashion have probably been kicked in the head by a horse.
  16. I think it depends on the episode. I’ve only watched the first episode (Rita Moreno) and all that had was a warning about containing depictions of tobacco
  17. What he said was correct, it was the longest reign since Sheamus lost it in 2014. Bobby held the belt for 175 days, no-one had held it for longer since Sheamus dropped the belt after 183 days. Its how you frame it, like I could say “Riddle is the longest reigning US Champion since Bobby Lashley last held the belt” It’s Cole taking a page out of Obi Wan’s book, “What I told you was true, from a certain point of view”
  18. And that’s probably why he never will, because he’s seemingly too nice a guy. He’s swimming with the sharks
  19. For all the talk of Bryan being wasted (which admittedly he is) just to get to the Edge match, isn’t Bryan on the Smackdown writing team now? So wouldn’t he have a hand in his own downfall? Or is this pure “Vince is a mad old idiot”and Bryan’s hands are tied? Watching the show, it was blindingly obvious that Miz was going to cash in. From Byron telegraphing it at the start of the US Title match (“Don’t forget, Miz could cash in tonight”) to putting him in the pre-match package, I’d have been more surprised if he didn’t cash in. But putting the belt on him a) at all and b) this close
  20. “But, but..., they’ve put pdf’s on their website!”
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