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Account recovery - help !


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Hello strangers.

It's Stylin_and_Profilin here, been a long time but i cannot access my account.

I'm 99% sure i always signed in with my user ID / password but the box is now asking for my email address (has it changed?). It's over 20 years since i set it up so no idea what it would be and any ones i tried from memory for password recovery are dead.

Could anyone oblige and flag this up with an admin or someone who could help get me back up and running.




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I'm only a mod and don't have full admin rights but I'll see what I can do to help.

Edit: looks like the email address for your old account was a student email address that you may not have access to anymore. I'll PM it to you so that should work if you can remember your password. If not we may need to try something else.

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