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Povetkin vs Whyte 2 - Mar 27 🇬🇮 🥊


Who wins and how?   

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This one’s nearly upon us then. This Saturday night coming to you from Gibraltar. You’ll always get the usual ‘is it worth the PPV charge/is it not?’ talk but whatever. If you don’t want to pay, there’s always a way. 


Alexander Povetkin vs Dillian Whyte - WBC Interim Heavyweight Title 

Ted Cheeseman vs JJ Metcalf - British Super-Welterweight Title

Chris Kongo vs Michael McKinson - WBO Global Welterweight Title

Fabio Wardley vs Eric Molina 

Erik Pfeifer vs Nick Webb

Youssef Khoumari vs Kane Baker

Campbell Hatton vs Jesus Ruiz 


They’ve billed it as Rumble On The Rock! Original from Hearn there. Stealing the name from that Hawaiian MMA fed run by BJ Penn’s family that brought us the Butterbean vs Cabbage Correira classic.

Nothing amazing but a decent enough card this. Again, whether it’s worth £20 is up for debate but it’s a tired debate. Purely as a card this is alright, I think. Main event is probably ending with a bang and there’s just enough on the undercard to grab my interest as well.


Povetkin vs Whyte 2 should be fun. Say what you want about them both, Povetkin’s old, Whyte’s a bit of a Hearn hype job, whatever. They’re rarely dull bell-to-bell and that’s all I’m arsed about. The first fight was back in August 2020 round Hearn’s gaff. It was looking good for Whyte early on and he was winning all the rounds. And when Povetkin hit the deck twice in the 4th, it seemed like the Russian was on borrowed time. But early into the 5th round...



Yep. Whyte got flattened. Was a bit of a shocker the way it all unfolded but that’s the way it goes sometimes and Povetkin has that kind of power that can end a fight instantly, or turn a fight around. He’s shown a tad more vulnerability in his fights as he’s got older, David Price had him hurt, AJ stopped him etc. But he’s always dangerous and it just adds to that ‘anything can happen’ feeling in his fights. His fight with Michael Hunter on the Joshua vs Ruiz 2 undercard was ace as well actually. Whyte needs to pull something out the bag here. Obviously a win is the most important thing and it’s certainly a winnable fight for him. Like I said, he was running away with it last time before getting sparked. But losing back-to-back fights to Povetkin would set him back big time. I’ve seen some talk that the WBC are interested in possibly doing Whyte vs Deontay Wilder if Whyte comes through this one and regains his interim champ status. We’ll see. Wouldn’t count any chickens. And fuck knows where Wilder’s head is at these days. This rematch has been delayed a couple of times now. It was supposed to have happened back in November originally. But here we are. Repeat or revenge? 

Undercard’s alright. Not going to go into every fight. Cheeseman is always good value and he’s coming off that belter (was gonna say cracker but pun rule) against Sam Eggington over the summer. Fabio Wardley rolls on, going for 11-0. Molina has become a bit of a punchbag to the upper level guys but it’s still a step up for Wardley given the difference experience. Kongo fight might be decent as well.

The highlight of the undercard for me though is the pro debut of Campbell Hatton.


19 years old and the spit of his old man. Seems a really nice lad in interviews I’ve seen as well. Makes me feel proper old that he’s fighting now. I still remember seeing him as a little kid on the 24/7 shows HBO did for his Dad’s big fights years ago. It doesn’t seem that long ago but it’ll be a good 13/14 years or so now. Where does it go? I’m hoping he does well. This video is great;

Good stuff. Seen all sorts about this Jesus Ruiz he’s fighting. There’s a Jesus Ruiz on Boxrec listed at 41-9-5 and I saw people on Twitter actually thinking it was him Hatton’s fighting in his debut 😂 there’s another Jesus Ruiz listed at 0-10. That’ll most likely be our man. Just a body to feed Hatton so he can get that first one out the way. 

That’s that as far as I can tell.

• Sky Box Office for £19.95 or streams costing fuck all.

• Main event ringwalks should be around 10pm. I’m guessing the undercard coverage will start around 7pm.

Oh and this fight’s somehow ended up getting its own £2 coin.


Looks fuck all like Dillian Whyte but still, pretty cool. 


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great stuff wand.

as with all fights now, it never really strikes until the Monday before that the fight is upon us (just like finding out theres a UFC Heavyweight Title fight this weekend!). Gonna have to get up for this.

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Yeah there’s such a constant stream of shows every weekend now that stuff sneaks up on you. On the plus side the wait for certain fights seems shorter. Miocic vs Ngannou 2 has come around really fast for example. But at the same, it sometimes feels like it hurts the hype and anticipation for some fights. 

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Depends on how much Povetkin has left after his Covid battle.

If he’s similar to how he was in the first fight i think he can KO Whyte. I believe  Whyte will fight a very cautious fight and try to take it on points. Povetkin is light years ahead of him in ability and experience and as he showed in the first fight he’s far to cute for Whyte as well. 

I would love to see Whyte V Wilder. Overall though i’m generally not arsed who wins.

I look forward to Hattons debut though.  

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As for the fight, im going with Whyte via Decision. He was handily winning the first fight until being caught and unless that happens again i could see him cruising to a points win. As vicious as that KO was, Whyte seems to be one of those guys that wont be gun shy as a result, plus factor in Povetkins battle with covid, he may come in looking older and more laboured than he did in the first fight. Whyte just needs to avoid the power shots.

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On 3/22/2021 at 8:52 PM, Mr Lawrence said:

I would love to see Whyte V Wilder. Overall though i’m generally not arsed who wins.

I utterly loathe Wilder, but I think he'd smash Whyte. 

As for this weekend, I think Povetkin was shot even before the positive Covid test. I think Whyte will either stop him in the middle rounds, or weather a few hairy moments and win on points. 

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Don’t really know what way I’m leaning on this. Probably Whyte. Povetkin’s always got that game changing power but between how the fight was going before the KO last time, plus the questions on what Povetkin’s battle with COVID might’ve taken out of him, I think his chances of landing that bomb might be a little less this time. We’ll see. I wouldn’t mind seeing Whyte vs Wilder either so I’d like to see Whyte win. But you never know with a puncher like Povetkin. 

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i dont recall the size difference looking this significant in the first fight. Whyte is a unit.


oh, and here's Ricky Hatton looking sharp at the weigh in:


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