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Not exactly obvious Wrestlers that enjoy the demon weed......


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I was listening to a JR podcast recently where he talked about Ernie Ladd making off with a huge bag of weed after a show which surprised me a bit but then I remembered that JR himself spoke quite candidly about his weed smoking in his book , think he mentioned that he learned to roll a joint whilst driving at the same time . Bret also mentioned sharing a smoke with Owen in his book which I would have never suspected.

Granted it’s fairly obvious and well known  that RVD, Godfather and 2 Cold Scorpio are fiends for the green but are there many other unsuspecting wrestlers that enjoy a good smoke ?

I can’t imagine Taker doesn’t blaze on the regular if he was good buddies with Brian Adams.


Any others that may not exactly be glaringly obvious ?

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Larry Zbysko is a huge weed smoker too isn’t he ?


What about Vince ?


I have heard he hates smoking but this seems like an odd lie for Jericho to tell ...



The WWE will fine a wrestler $2,500 if they’re caught with THC in their system, but that’s all. Described as a “weed tax” by Ringside News, WWE pros aren’t ejected from the circuit if cannabis is the only substance they’re consuming. That’s probably because the guy who owns and manages the WWE, Vince McMahon, is an avid pot smoker himself.

Jericho, the podcast’s host, said last month that he knew McMahon toked because McMahon once recalled a story where he blazed in front of the guy who’d become the 45th President of the United States: Donald J. Trump. “

“I remember one time Vince told me that they were watching some concert or something at Trump New Jersey, whatever it was called,” Jericho said. “And Vince was sitting there with Linda, Donald, and all the heads of state, and Vince lit up a joint and Trump was like, ‘You can’t smoke that joint in here!’ And Vince goes, ‘I just did!'”



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