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I remember queuing for tickets to one of those UK events at the time, Rebellion I think, and there was a middle aged woman next to us absolutely obsessed with Chyna. We were waiting for hours and all she wanted to talk about was Chyna. Person after person, she’d start a conversation about Chyna. She was her hero, she read her book once a week, reeling off all these facts about her. Wouldn’t shut up. She must have been so gutted when Chyna was gone from the company not long after, quickly becoming a tragic wreck.

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4 hours ago, Liam O'Rourke said:

We're used to guys who have long outlived their usefulness milling out years after their sell by date in WWE now, whereas back then, somebody having a ten year run deserved its own t-shirt.

QFT. They made such a big deal of Undertaker hitting his “Decade Of Destruction” because with the only notable exception I can think of being Bret, people simply didn’t manage to do 10 years in a company to that point. Hogan at his peak left the final time pre-WCW after less than 10 years there even if you ignore his hiatus after Mania 8, Shawn was retired the first time just shy of the 10 year mark, later on Steve Austin was retired inside eight years of company debut. Plenty of wrestlers moved on or were moved on once they’d become stale, whereas in the absence of competition and the need to keep freshening the product up, these days wrestlers become stale and just stay, often doing storylines with the same guys they already worked. When creative don’t have anything for a wrestler, instead of letting them go, they just give them something they’ve done before. The joke is about endless Kofi v Ziggler runs for one midcard belt or the other, but it runs much deeper that that. Everyone’s worked everyone because everyone’s been kept around forever. Undertaker had his 10 year Anniversary made a big deal of, Kane managed to do 10 years and be already stale then keep turning up for another 10. Big Show did 20 years with only occasional breaks. Although they may have had short runs with one version of the belt or another, guys that are hardly company royalty like (yes) Ziggler & Kofi, Miz, Sheamus and so on all debuted on TV more than 10 years ago. The perennial “safe pair of hands” on top, Randy Orton, is closer than you think to 20 years as a TV regular and he’s regularly described as the most boring wrestler on the roster.

Its amusing to look back at an era where people can be considered to have ran their course, compared to today where people get to go round the course three or four more times.

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