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NOAH live on FITE TV this Sun w/ Shiozaki v Nakajima

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Had a look at the GHC Tag & Heavyweight matches last night. Both pretty enjoyable as it goes. Always happy to see SAKU. Funaki looking good too. Average age of the participants in that match is 48 (brought down by Marufuji, at a tender 41).

The main was heading towards a 5-star match, but whilst I have no issues with guys chopping the shit out of each other (particularly in Japan), it perhaps became a bit one dimensional for my taste. An easy watch anyway. Couldn't tell if Shiozaki was 'out' at one point. It looked like it. Oddly enough, the last match I saw of his in All Japan was a 2/3 falls, which should really have been awarded to his opponent, as he was evidently unconcious at one stage. They somehow bumblefucked throught that, but it put me off watching their product & him in particular. This was more like an old school NOAH match. I hardly recognised Nakajima, with his new look. Bored of saying it, but NJPW should've picked him up years ago, unless there's an issue I'm unaware of.

-Whilst it's clear enough in the opening post that the event was held at Yokohama Budokan, it should perhaps be noted that this is a new facility (also used by STARDOM) & not THE Budokan, which obv's is located in Tokyo-

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