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I think it’s time for the McGregor family to arrange that intervention. 

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I'll go with Gaethje top. Bad stylistic match-up on paper and a top 10 P4P fighter. 

I can't name another MMA fighter who has wins over 4 elite level fighters all in their primes or close to it. You could perhaps make an argument for GSP, but I don't think the 4 best fighters he beat (Hughes, Alves, Fitch, and perhaps Hendricks), are quite as strong as a collective as the 4 best fighters that Khabib beat. Elsewhere, the likes of Jones, Anderson, and Fedor all faced strong competition at certain stages of their careers, but very few elite level fighters. 

So even when discounting the eye-test (how dominant Khabib was over his opponents and how impressive his techniques appeared to the naked eye), and his status as an unbeaten fighter, there is a strong argument that Khabib is the GOAT based on his record alone. His ledger of wins might not have the depth of others, but it has the better quality opponents on it. 


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