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Who remembers Renegade?


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In WCW in 1995 there was this wrestler called the Renegade. He was meant to be like the Ultimate Warrior but he wasn't and he became TV Champion.


Then he wasn't anymore as DDP beat him



Then he stopped having face paint and was in a team in Joe Gomez




Then he killed himself





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Didn't warrior sue or something & all the inference of warrior coming in lead to wwf offering warrior a deal only for renegade to turn up. 

Probably pushed warriors fee up a fair bit. 

Still think it's mad that pre 98 wcw warrior debut that Vince sent him an insane 10 year deal offer. 

Day what you want but I think only warrior had Hogan level of Vince adoration. 

Think I read somewhere that during the whole warrior vs wwf legal thing that it ended in something like a neutral split where both would have to incur legal costs and wwf picked the tab up for it all. 


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