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How the f*** did that work?


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Was going to do this a few weeks ago but then someone started a pandering thread about kane and I thought I'd better wait. So yeah, crazy sounding shit that got over?

Kane's the obvious one. I remember at the time being a bit dubious that Undertaker suddenly had a brother who was burned in a fire that killed his parents and was now going to extract his revenge through wrestling. Listening back to the SCG timelines a couple of years ago, it just sounds such a preposterous idea in hindsight (though not quite as bad as the original idea - the return of Papa Shango). Bit I was sold the minute Kane walked out and ripped that fucking door off. It's brilliant. They got the look right and they booked him brilliantly. It should still have died on its arse after Mania 14 but it's probably more impressive that they reinvented this one note gimmick again and again to the point that he was still there TWENTY YEARS later.

Umaga is another obvious one for me. That sounded like such a terrible idea. And although Jamal from Three Minute Warning had got better in Japan, like Albert, it still seemed a cert to die a deat and a near miss for Samoa Joe. Remember that first week he came out with his hair looking like monica in that episode of Friends in Barbados. Again though, they tidied up the look, the manager was decent and the booking was good and he got over quite nicely. Even the thumb thing, which should have been a terrible finisher, got over as a credible finish. I really liked it and it was a shame they lost interest a bit after that superb match with Cena at Rumble 2007. I'd have stuck the title on him on Smackers instead of Khali. Mind you, I'd have stuck the title on you rather than Khali.

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I mean you talk about Kane. But the freakin’ Undertaker! He’s a zombie undertaker who makes coffins for his opponent. His gimmick on paper reads like an early 2000s eFed wank fantasy.

But they protected his booking and had the right guy in the role. And that’s the difference between and Undertaker and a Mordecai.

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