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Bare Knuckle Thread - BKFC Knucklemania (Feb 5th)

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Yeah I completely forgot about that with all the Khabib vs Gaethje drama going on. Decent scrap that. Barnett is one seriously hard bastard. From MMA to grappling competitions to pro wrestling. Now he’s taking bare knuckle fights at 42. 

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Yeah he’s just fucked himself more by doing this. I still don’t buy that McGregor wrecked him when they sparred because if they were sitting on footage of McGregor smashing Paulie (more than the 14 se

Guess they had second thoughts when the producers realised his 'camp' was just a bloke eating crisps.

They should’ve threw them all on there like the old Royal Rumble posters. 

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I actually bought the show, and was impressed by Josh. I did wonder how his style of fighting would translate, and his use of the clinch and dirty boxing was something to behold. 

Absolute masterclass.

EDIT: In fact, i don't even know if i had to pay for it? It was on FITE, right? I have a sub on there for boxing. I've had to pay for so fucking much of late that I'm losing track. I bought the UFC at the weekend eventually, and bought the Usyk fight as well.

All I know is that I watched it on a stream live. 

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Yeh that surprised me, BKFC moved a WWE Network style thing, think its £5 a month and the shows are chucked in along with the past shows. Guess they think Paige's debut is worth stand alone PPV billing. 

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  • Egg Shen changed the title to Bare Knuckle Thread - BKFC Knucklemania (Feb 5th)

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