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Over the years, WWE has had a variety of acts and gimmicks designed to appeal to the "AMERICA, FUCK YEAH" audience. But which one do you think is the most 'Murican in all 'Murica?


Here are some of the contenders:



Hulk Hogan




He is a real American.




Jim Duggan




He says "USA, USA" a lot.




The US Express




It's in their name.




Lex Luger




Speaking of Expresses...




The Patriot




He's a patriot.




Mr America




He's a real real American.




Kurt Angle




Gold medal and all that.




Jack Swagger




An All American American!




More recently, there's...


Zeb Colter






And who could forget...


That time Kenzo Suzuki dressed up as Uncle Sam






So, who's the most American of them all?


I personally have never liked the "AMERICA, FUCK YEAH" gimmicks. For a company that's supposed to be 'World', they don't half alienate a load of the audience with these patriot gimmicks.


What do you think?



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I'm going to go with Lex Luger predominantly for this stirring video during the Lex Express Tour which might be the most disgustingly saccharine thing that WWE ever produced.




I wish they would do this again with someone actually and not in a 'look it's that foreigner Jimmy Yang, but he now likes America!' way. Like some cross between Bo Dallas and JBL. Touring the country in a bus and doing patriotic things in as disingenuous a manner as possible. Just nick the Adam Rose party wagon and paint it with the American flag.

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Kurt Angle hands down, I'm not American so I don't give a shit how patriotic some Yank is (unless it's Rocky or Rambo). But Kurt wasn't one note with it, it was ingrained in his gimmick, it needed to be there and it worked great but it never distracted from the other aspects of his character he was putting across.


Fuck that, I just saw Kenzo Suzuki is on the list, he was much better.

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