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UKFF's Favourite Promos: Elimination round


Break the ties  

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We've wound up with a bunch of ties, so I'm going to settle it with a tiebreak. The four promos from this list that get the most votes go into the final. If this winds up with ties, I'll head over to random.org.



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I may remember this wrong, but I think the net shit on that Austin Rock one for being dull as fuck and more crap tacked on a really bad build. It's better in hindsight because of the great foreshadowing from Austin and the musical use in the My Way video, as noted.


I went Bret in the cage. One of Bret's best ever promos, a brave piece of work as he embarked on his heel turn and one of the significant checkpoints in the shifting of gears creatively for the WWF. The right guy, in the right place, at the right time pitching his promo perfectly. It capped off one of the best go-home segments in Raw history too, I know that Mania drew fuck all but I bet it would have drawn even less without the last half an hour of that show. Ace telly.

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