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No, I'm waiting to pick up the whole thing on box set. It's due to finish later this year right?



Guy, when you do watch Treme I highly recommend you have this blog to hand:




It's an episode by episode guide, just explaining all the NO references. The series is so ridiculously steeped in the city, most secondary characters are real people - real musicians, politicians, cooks, playing themselves. Most of the locations are real, all the music is authentic (as are the bands). The cuisine, the sayings, most of the events... it's incredibly dense, and this blog is worth reading after each episode as it lays a lot of it out neatly.

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The only reason The Wire didn't make my number one was that last series, which over-did the allegory bit and mis-used some characters. I found that a bit of a chore to finish. Whereas with Deadwood (my top pick) every episode is a priceless gem, and it's infinitely rewatchable.


I actually think the 2nd series of The Wire was the best, in a way, and I think the reason it got bad reactions was that viewers didn't realise that each series would be a different story arc; they were expecting just more of the first series, and that's not how The Wire works.



On rewatch the second series was still easily my least favourite. The last series got a bit far fetched at times but I thought it ended brilliantly.

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