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Royal Rumble Betting


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Seems odd Paddy Power and Sky Bet aren't partaking but Boylesports have Royal rumble odds up. At that price, Ziggler has to be worth a go no?





WWE Royal Rumble 2013 28 Jan 00:00 - Outright Betting



Selection Price

Cena, John 10/11

Ryback 7/4

the rock 7/4

Orton, Randy 6/1

Sheamus 7/1

Lesner, Brock 8/1

Undertaker 16/1

Kane 20/1

Bryan, Daniel 25/1

Cesaro, Antonio 25/1

Ziggler, Dolph 25/1

Triple H 25/1

Any Shield Member 25/1

Rhodes, Cody 33/1

Sandow, Damien 33/1

The Miz 33/1

Barrett, Wade 33/1

Del Rio 33/1

Big Show 33/1

Mysterio, Rey 33/1

Jericho 33/1

Kingston, Kofi 100/1

Clay, Brodus 100/1

Riley, Alex 100/1

Ryder, Zack 200/1

O'Neil, Titus 200/1

Great Khali, The 200/1

Any Member Of 3mb bAND 200/1

Gabriel, Justin 200/1

Any Female Participant 200/1

Either Jimmy or Jay Uso 500/1

Mc Gillicutty, Michael 500/1



WWE Royal Rumble 2013 28 Jan 00:00 - Del Rio v Big Show




WWE Heavyweight Championship

Selection Price

Del Rio 1/7

Big Show 4/1



WWE Royal Rumble 2013 28 Jan 00:00 - CM Punk v The Rock




WWE Title

Selection Price

CM Punk 15/8

The Rock 4/11



WWE Royal Rumble 2013 28 Jan 00:00 - Team Hell No v Rhode Scholars



Selection Price

Team Hell No 4/1

Rhodes Scholars 1/7

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Well Ziggler is already down to 8-1, not sure if that was an oversight. Punk is now down to 2-1 as well so maybe they've just had alot of ukff action.


Bet on Hell No and also punted with Miz and Ziggler for the Rumble as admittedly unlikely outside bets. Makes the show more interesting anyway.


Beware of how much you deposit though, I put too much in as I'd planned on doing a moderately heavy one on Hell No but the maximum they'd let me bet on that was a confusing

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Betting now on skybet better prices aswell


Zigglers 10/1 to win the rumble while punks 9/4 to beat the rock


Wonder if Paddy Power will be late to the party too, they offer accus usually.


Sky Bet have Hell No at 4-1 too. Do these people know something I don't?

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Any one else thinking 9/2 for big show win is massive odds. I can see Show regaining the title.


Its worth a go but seems unlikely with how big they're pushing Del Rio as this mexican hero. Suppose it'd setup a good rematch though....

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Interesting bet on Paddy Power.




4 or more - 4/9

Exactly 4 - 3/1

3 or less - 13/5


I don't see them letting Kane take HBK's record this year. 13/5 is a good price.


Just put

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