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Here them rules:



- Pick an event that you think TEAM GB (aka England) will win a medal in

- Pick a poster that you want suspended

- Once an event is taken you cannot use it

- You must state the explicit medal event. Saying "Athletics" does not cut it. You must say "Mens 100M" for example.

- Once you've posted your pick, don't bang on about it

- Don't mention it at all if someone nominates you. It's tough.




- Bronze, 1 day suspension

- Silver, 3 day suspension

- GOLD, 7 day suspension!!!!


YOU LOSE - you get suspended for 5 days



Use this link to find your event of choice, http://www.london2012.com/sports/

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Triple Jump



Great call! He should be suspended for that stupid 'best film ever' shit anyway.


Thanks! I hate the c word and to call Mr Seven that is just worse, he's like our very own (inter)national treasure. Lets hope I've picked a good event!!

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Women's double scull.



Can I have some time to think about who I nominate? And is there a cumulative ban if someone gets successfully smoked a few times?


I've just asked in paid if the same member can be nominated more than once so neil will probably cover this when he pops back on.

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