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Best Match of 2011

Chest Rockwell

What was the best wrestling match of 2011?  

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Haven't had time to rewatch but liked all the WWE matches first time around although Undertaker vs Triple H was the least of the four for me.


Not sure about the TNA ones being amongst the six best of 2011.


Watched the Destination X X Division match last night. It's entertaining enough for what it is, features a couple of guys I really rate and is a pretty good example of the style. Call me old fashioned but I still find it hard to compare that with top matches from WWE this past year.


Same with Hogan/Sting which was an incredible performance in terms of working the crowd. In some ways that's the aim of all wrestling - getting people to buy into what you're selling them. I agree it doesn't all have to be about bumping (Edge/Ziggler), big moves (Taker/HHH; X Division match), over finishers (Cena/Punk; Orton/Christian; Taker/HHH), cool reversal spots (Orton/Christian; Edge/Ziggler) or feeling like an 'epic' (Cena/Punk; Taker/HHH) to be a good match. So I can see why people like it but again find it hard to compare to the very best WWE matches.


I just feel the best match of the year should have something more.

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