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[Nominations] Best British Match of 2011

Chest Rockwell

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Sorry if I'm being dense, but what's the criteria on Best British match? Is it just a match to take place on English soil regardless of the nationality of the participants, feature at least one UK guy, or solely UK wrestlers?


Looking at previous winners:


Best British Match


2010: Kris Travis vs. Martin Kirby (14th March)

2009: The Thrillers (Haskins/Redman) vs. The Leaders (Sabre/Scurll) - IPW:UK (Epic Encounter 2)

2008: Sabre Jr., Haskins & Moralez vs. Phoenix, Ligero & Bubblegum (NOAH Dark Match)

2007: Dave Rayne vs. Chris Egan (FSW 11/07)

2006: Adam Shame vs. Eric Canyon (SWA: November 2 Remember)

2005: Doug Williams, James Tighe & Scorpio vs. Misawa, Ogawa & Tiger Emperor (International Showdown) / Jun Akiyama & Doug Williams vs. Kenta Kobashi & Go Shiosaki (Universal Uproar)

2004: Event Security vs. D. Disorderly, E. Torro Sanchez & Tron (UCW)

2003: James Tighe vs. Doug Williams (British Uprising 2)

2002: Doug Willams vs. Eddie Guerrero (Revival)


02 and 05 feature non-UK wrestlers.


Assuming it just needs to feature only one UK wrestler:


Dave Mastiff vs Takashi Sugiura © GHC Heavyweight Championship @ NOAH UK 13/5/11


Marty Scurll vs Akira Tozawa @ Dragon Gate UK 23/10/11


Jack Gallagher vs Davey Richards @ FSW 17/7/11

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El Ligero Vs Jonny Storm - PPW Championship - PPW (Phoenix Pro Wrestling)


Team ICW Vs Team Gold Label - Glasgow Street Fight - ICW (Insane Championship Wrestling)


James Mason Vs Paul Malen - World of Sport Rules Match - PPW (Phoenix Pro Wrestling)

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