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The Underated Musician Thread


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A fairly well known band in the US and Canada but not so well known here. I was first introduced to them by my brother who'd heard a work colleague listening to them.


Their music is pretty decent and have a few albums out.


Unfortunately because my workplace LOVES to block out half the internet, I can't link any videos yet....


but here are some songs I think you should check out.


Feel Good Drag


We owe this to ourselves





i used to listen to Anberlin quite a bit during their early years, i always hated the one singers voice though. It was the one thing which stopped me from really liking the band. I'll have to check out some of the newer stuff.

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Daniel Johns/Silverchairkp0qcwhou5fnoh5q.jpg

I grew up on Silverchair. Back in the day when a bunch of us would have house parties and stuff Silverchair were a staple of the soundtrack, it was more Neon Ballroom that everyone was into though. My personal favourite was Freak Show, i loved that album when it came out. I've still got all the singles from the album too including a 12" of Freak which has some pretty cool art cards.Thing is with all bands who start out so young it comes a case of the musicians obviously improving and simply being interested in different forms of music. I'm pretty certain that if you played the later Silverchair stuff to a 14 year old Daniel Johns he would hated it. They went on a pretty strange musical voyage but i think they always wrote quality tunes whatever genre they came in.Got to see em once too, it was around the time of Neon Ballroom, at the Leeds Festival, great stuff.
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