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Anti climatic celebrity encounters

John Matrix

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Just because I'm a nob end I'll give my thoughts over the weekend If I remember.

They were on too late and we didn't see them as we had to catch the last train.I did shout and wave at Rob Key and he waved back. I don't follow cricket but my mate does and I was in high spirits.
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I think that I've only ever met one celebrity, but it was a good one, so not particularly relevant to this thread; I had a beer with the Iron Sheik. It was really easy too; people were queuing for an autograph, so I just sauntered to the front from the other side and asked him "Cup o' cold beer, bubba?" Easy as that. After the signing was done, he sat down with me and we had a couple of drinks. I'm something of an aficianado of YouTube-era Sheik, so we sat down for ages going over stories. He didn't bother trying to play his character, so it was really good, interspersing talk about Eric Simms and Rob Feinstein (Sheik had heard stories but didn't understand them) with anecdotes about his grandchildren. ("Dey call me 'Papi Sheik'.") Nice man.

Met Sheikybaby twice & both times slipped him some of the exotic stuff. ;) Top bloke, I would love to adopt him as my grandad.
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