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Replay - retro gaming convention in Blackpool

Richie Freebird

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I went to GAMEfest last Friday and these same guys had a section there, lots of old school consoles, from Atari to master system to megadrive, saturn, dreamcast and many more, it was great, considering I probably spent most of my time in this section instead looking at newer games, I think the full show would be alot of fun.


I think this same group of people did an aracde expo a few years ago I went to, that was just arcades though, but that was a class day out, you should certainly go, yeah theirs certainly enough there to keep you busy, no need to worry about that.

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I went, will cut and paste my write up from an article I wrote


Im going again.


Iain Lee was hosting because Gail Porter had to pull out as was going to be a reserve on Im a Celeb iirc


Fucking Brilliant last year it was



R3play: The Short Short version


Prologue: Friday Night Preston


Wetherspoons, with Resident Paul and Woody. Cool. Chewing the fat over a few brewskis or 10 was a good start and meant that I finally met people from forum's in real life. Was cut short by the need to set up and do some testing in Blackpool. Plus the time expired on Woody's car so a quick dash to sort it and get going before some zealous Preston clampers got hold of it!


So far so pub like. Cracking!


Day 1 Act 1: The Preston Zone.


So anticipation is high, and I get up ready and corseted up, stick ready to the brave wide world of er, Preston Train Station. Nice day so ambled to the station in a record time of about zillion years with plenty of rest stops on the way. Irn-bru was much needed when I got to the train station and brought ticket to Blackpool North for the amazing sum of 6.80 ( i remember when it was only a few quid, robbing sods!)

So off to Blackpool we went on the slowest train in the history of the universe. No really , I saw sheep out running it at one point. This is not such a good sign


Day 1 Act 2: Blackpool North


Finally pulled in at the train station 29 minutes later after stopping at the delights of Kirkham and Wesham and Poulton Le Fylde, to pick up and set down no one. Once disembarked I was presented by ticketing barriers straight of out the Tube, with one minor exception. they don

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So who had fun yesterday and who is going for round 2 today?


I shall be there again today, but will mainly be sitting down as Im really struggling after yesterday.


If you see us about come over and beat me at some random game.



Thus far highlights have been the Pinball's which are amazing and can get on this year which is a bonus and playing 1 million player bomberman and 1942 and frogger.


Today gunna try and get to the Turtle's machine and more time on the cabs I reckon, plus more multiplayer stuff

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One of the Turtles machines is dodgy and Raphael is controlled with Donatello's joystick and buttons. The joystick on the Star Wars Trilogy machine was fucked too.


I'd forgotten how good the old Amiga version of Prince of Persia is. Clearly several people were loving it, as it was up on Amigas, Commodore 64s and even on a SAM Coupe.


I think the greatest thing there - and several people I spoke to also mentioned it - was the mini Star Wars cab.

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