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APB Wrestling Debut Show, 29th October

adam bowler

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Ok man , tell us about the venue


Where will we be able to buy tickets and how much ?


The Venue is in the Leeds 12 area, You will be able to buy the tickets either by Facebook

or you can ring the number which will be posted on the poster and Facebook in the upcoming



The Prices are



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Myself and my wife had a baby two weeks ago. There are some issues, and I have not slept in days. Little has squeezed a giggle out of me today, until I read this. Thank you Adam. May your gloriously flawed stab at hitting the wrestling scene continue to go slowly up in flames. I shall be reading. Entertain me.

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Adam as admirable as it is that you did have good talent booked for the show that aint happening and its even more admirable that you paid them for your fuck up, mate i seriously suggest you dont run a show..then again we tell a lot of fucking idiots not to run a show for danger of tarnishing britwres's image and they still run and the same mongs go and work for them so ya might as well run the show cos nothings gonna change.

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