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Strikeforce: Fedor vs Henderson Discussion Thread



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Dan Henderson vs. Fedor Emelianenko (heavyweight non-title fight)

Marloes Coenen vs. Miesha Tate (for women's welterweight title)

Tim Kennedy vs. Robbie Lawler

Paul Daley vs. Tyron Woodley

Tarec Saffiedine vs. Scott Smith

Gesias Cavalcante vs. Bobby Green*

Eduardo Pamplona vs. Tyler Stinson*

Alexis Davis vs. Julie Kedzie*

Derek Brunson vs. Lumumba Sayers*

Bryan Humes vs. Gabriel Salinas-Jones*


*Prelim Fight


With Zuffa, the parent company of the UFC, buying over Strikeforce, and the quality of the main event, I figured this event deserved a thread of its own.


As far as Zuffa goes, this really has to be Fedor's last chance saloon fight. I can't see him being kept on if he loses here. In short, he has to win. Convincingly.


A loss will most probably see him return to Japan to see out his career with glorified exhibition fights and so on, whilst a win will help him keep his head above water in the US.


As much as it pains me to say it, I see a decision loss for Fedor in this fight. I don't think he'll have what it takes to knock Dan out, and I don't see him scoring too many takedowns.


Henderson has lost once via submission in the past six years, and that was to Anderson Silva. He's never been knocked out in almost 14 years.


At the same time, I don't see Henderson being able to knock out Fedor either. I see his way of winning coming from a decision, or a late stoppage if he can bust Fedor up, which isn't all that difficult. Fedor marks up really easily.


As for the rest of the card, we have a womens title match, which may be pretty new to those who have only ever watched the UFC in the past, along with a solid bout between Robbie Lawler & Tim Kennedy. I'll be going for a Kennedy win in that fight, via submission in the second frame perhaps?


Oh, and we can't forget the action kicking off with two bouts featuring some primetime sluggers. Paul Daley & Scott Smith feature in the first two fights, which should ensure things get started with a bang.


All in all, a nice little card.


Does anyone know if we're getting it live in the UK?

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Really a pick em fight for me at this point in BOTH of the guys career. I think Henderson now deffo has the power to get Fedor in trouble and Fedor has had back to back losses to sub and tko.. he's fully beatable at this point. What a fight!!


I'm going Fedor on a dec. This should be the fight that Fedor gets back into the game for me. If he gets stopped by Henderson, i'm think he's close to done, not for the least because his markabillity will take another huge hit. Fedor needs this win, Henderson has nothing to lose.. What a fight!!!


In 2009 you wouldnt have even fantasybooked this... Henderson vs Fedor.. i'm excited.

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There's been talk that whoever loses the main event might be cut because Zuffa isn't happy with the amount of money Fedor and Hendo are currently on.


It's Hendo's last fight on his Strikeforce contract too and he's said recently that he doesn't know if he'll ever get to defend his title and said it will depend on the negotiations.


If Fedor loses again I can't see him being kept on. That will be 3 in a row plus he'd have to negotiate with Zuffa which has never gone well in the past. Either Japan or retirement for him. If Hendo loses though maybe they can still work something out. He's still looking good and one loss to a heavyweight shouldn't mean he's out. He's had negotiation troubles with Zuffa too though so fuck knows?


Whatever happens i'm glad this fight is going down. Proper Pride dream match, can't wait. Rest of the card looks excellent too, Strikeforce have been on a roll this year, the quality of their cards this year has been top notch.

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Yeah I just read this whole 'Loser gets fired' stuff on ME.

Crazy to think Hendo could get his walking papers whilst still LHW champ. As Wand said I think it'll play out that Even if Fedor wins, the contract situation will breakdown and Henderson will stay on and get to defend his belt.

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If this fight would have happened last year I'd have said Fedor by submission in a heart beat. I would have imagined it being very similar to the Lindland fight. However, with the 2 back to back losses I'm doubting my all time favourite for the first time ever. I still have him winning the fight but don't think it'll be as easy as it perhaps should be as Henderson is fucking awesome as well.


My dream scenario would be a Fedor win with Hendo making a great showing and then maybe both retire?

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Tyron Woodley quote


"I'm going out there to win this fight. I'm going to dominate. I think the fans deserve to see me on all cylinders, and I'm training to go out there and run through him like a Mack truck. Whether it's striking, submit him, take him down; 15 minutes of me just putting myself through hell to get the victory at the end is what I'm going for. I'm not going to fight Paul Daley's fight. You have to realize that when you compete
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It is amazing how perception can change.


Little over a year ago, Hendo was coming of a one sided loss to Jake Shields and Fedor had was going into a fight against Werdum which almost every fan expected him to win handily.


If anyone would have suggested that Hendo would be able to defeat Fedor then, they would have been laughed at. Now it seems fans are 50/50 on who will win between the two, and that is despite Hendo coming up a weightclass to fight Fedor.


I think this will be a back and forth tussle, with both having their moments. Fedor should try and takedown Hendo, as Hendo TDD has never been that strong and there is a chance Fedor could submit Hendo. Hendo has a great chance in the stand up exchanges to get the best of them, Fedor has shown little to no improvement over the years, whilst Hendo is still a very handy boxer, as he showed knocking down Sheilds early and against Fejao.


I will go with Hendo for now but may change my mind,he certaintly will have more confidence and momentum going in coming of two big wins, also Fedor has a lot of weaknesses in his game that got exposed against Big Foot, both standing and on the ground. I do not think Hendo can rough up Fedor like Rogers and Big Foot did, but I think he may be able to score takedowns and score points that way, also Hendo is very good in the clinch another aspect of his game he could use against Fedor.


Shame this fight has not been promoted much, I almost forgot it was happening.

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