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Professional Wrestling Promotions in the UK


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Just randomly stumbled on it today and noticed that the page needed an overhaul, so i quickly edited a few things i did know such as a few promoters, website and added 2 promotions. But then i thought might be easier if i work with the UKFF to actually update the page fully.


So a list of the information what is needed is Promotion name, Location, Owner/s, Years active, If it has a website (which would be linked) and any additional notes.


With the help of the UKFF i'm sure i can tidy it all up, saves having to have each person who knows something change it themselves for other changes to then happen.


What i did change originally was Danny Rodd owns 1PW, I believe Kevin O'Neil owns AWW, again i believe 2 people own Future Championship Wrestling, changed the owner of the BAWA (with the help of the owner telling me, also changed their website), added Phoenix Pro Wrestling to the list and added Premier British Wrestling in Scotland to the list.


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Professional_..._United_Kingdom - here is the page if you see anything that needs changing just post it in here and i'll get around to it.


also anything that needs adding, etc, i will add.




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Good idea.


PROMOTION NAME - WILD Wrestling Promotions.


SLOGAN - "Professional Wrestling As It Was Meant To Be!"


LOCATION - West Midlands.


OWNER - Carl Conroy.


CURRENTLY HOLDING EVENTS IN - Birmingham, Warwickshire, Forfar, Perth, Crieff, Inverness, Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.


YEARS ACTIVE - 1999 to present.


WEBSITE - None at the moment, but in the pipeline.


ROSTER - Carl Conroy, Justin Richards, The Rock & Roll Express, Johnny Kidd, Five Star Flash, Allan Grogan, Stu Pendous, RJ Impact, Nathan Reynolds, Mike Musso, Pete Collins, Chris Curtis, Wolf Alexander, Alan Gallagher, Sean King, Chris O'Reilly, Eliminator Stu Natt, Stu Odyssey, Timm Wylie, John Short (MC / Timekeeper), Chris Roberts (Referee).


NOTES - Formed in mid-1999 by Carl Conroy, Darren Levy & Allan Blackstock. Debut event was 17th October 1999 at Northfield YMCA in Birmingham. WILD have since run several hundred events across the UK. WILD have enjoyed close working relationships with both CSF (Wiltshire) and W3L (Fife) in the past, often booking concurrent dates and sharing visiting talent from elsewhere in the country.

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PROMOTION NAME - CRW: Complete Revolutionary Wrestling.



LOCATION - Newcastle.



OWNER - Ken Clarke.


CURRENTLY HOLDING EVENTS IN - Newcastle, Morpeth, Ponteland, South Shields and surrounding North East and South Tyneside areas.



YEARS ACTIVE - July 2009 to present.



WEBSITE - http://www.crwrestling.co.uk.



FACEBOOK PAGES - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Complete-Rev...161432990539336 & http://www.facebook.com/pages/Complete-Rev...3;/CRWWrestling





Complete Revolutionary Wrestling (CRW) is an innovative Pro-Wrestling Company based in the heart of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in the North Est of England. CRW was a project that had been in the works for 4 years and finally became founded in April 2009. The idea was developed after the founder & CRW Promoter, Ken Clarke, thought there was something missing amongst the local North East independent wrestling scene. After 4 years of hard work, sacrifice and development, Unit 6 was discovered and would soon to become the home of the Revolution. After discovering this ideal location situated near the Metro Radio Arena, CRW finally was given the chance to rise out of the ashes and stand tall.


Since then, CRW has now moved out of Unit 6 and now runs from slightly further afield in the Northumberland area.


The basis of CRW is passion, dedication, professionalism and persistence and we would like to invite you all to join the Revolution on a long and fulfilling journey. CRW can offer services to beginners and professionals alike. Beginners can benefit from a training schedule like no other, weekend training sessions in a Hexagonal ring, matted area, and gym access plus much more. Professionals can benefit from use of the facilities we provide for a reasonable low price.


CRW will host training every weekend and once enough trainees are ready, we will begin the revolution of Wrestling events across the UK.


CRW have hosted shows since July 2009, with the biggest show to date being the 'Rise or Fall' show held in October 2010 from the Northumbria University.

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Promotion - Southside Wrestling Entertainment


Location - Cambridgeshire


Currently holding events in St Neots , Huntingdon , Preston , Over & Stevenage


Owner - Ben Auld


Est 2010


Facebook - www.facebook/nbwsouthside


Website - www.nbw-southside.com


Thanking you in advance buddy

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