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Amazing picture of Princess Diana at 50


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Sorry, but it was just a shit joke. A rare fail from someone who usually hits the mark.


We all have off-days I guess...


I think I may need to get my eyes tested, I read that as rail fare and I thought what the hell are you talking about?


.....Anyway we might as well turn this thread into tasteless Princess Diana jokes.



What is Diana's favourite type of sausages?


Wall Bangers!


Surely that should be "what are Diana's favourite cocktails?", no?



Back in about 1996 Walls launched a sausage for the kids market called Wallbangers. They were normal sausages with a crispy outside and the advertising campaign was cartoon cavemen battering each other with the said sausage. If that's not gay enough I have tried a google image search for said product and has just came back with several images of dildo's.

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