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The Greatest matches that never happened


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Inspired by Steomac's post about matches you wanna see, i thought id post this.

what matches would you have love to see.


im thinking people from different eras, or matches that didnt happen due to not being in the same company or death, or just wrong points of the persons career.(IE, people not hitting there prime)


for me it be things like my two faves


Shawn Micheal's vs Eddie Gurrero (Shawn at pretty much any point of his 96- 97 run or when he came back in the 2000's and Eddie around his world title run)


HHH vs Million Dollar man ( i dont like HHH but i think these two would have told a wonderful story in there match.)


Bleached Blonde Sting vs Shawn Micheals


WWF attitude ERA Austin vs Mr Perfect (92-93 time)



all i can think of at the mo but im sure ill come up with more.

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Seeing as their both dead and two of my favs:


Randy Savage vs Eddy Guerrero


Would have rocked on every level and when it starts to get boring, switch heel/face divide :)

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Cheers for the mention there ha ha ;)


I'll start with a divas match. Chyna (1999) vs Awesome Kong would be my first call. Interesting how, if Chyna would have appeared in TNA a couple of years ago, this match would have been possible!

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