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80's Wrestling - Kayfabe vs Rats


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In a lot of the shoot interviews involving WWF stars from the 80's a common theme from their time in the Fed, and previous time in the indy's, is the presence of Kayfabe.


In some cases it seemed to be so strict that a guy could be fired for not adhering to Kayfabe, or doing anything that questioned his legit toughness (eg losing a bar fight). Furthermore it was almost unheard of for heels to travel with faces (though Duggan and Sheiky Baby spring to mind as two exceptions).


However, the same guys will then talk about the interaction with rats, and how they'd be sharing them around in some instances.


Has it ever been acknowledged whether Kayfabe applied to everything other than back at the hotel or in a club after the show, or were the rats in question bussed in by contacts of the wrestlers rather than just being regular fans to start with?

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Don't be stupid. In the kayfabe era you had to live your character. The babyfaces simply hit the town and seduced the rats they wanted. The heels tooled up, hopped in the back of a van and went out raping.


Usually with assistance from The Mouth, The Brain, Mr Fuji, Johnny V, Frenchy Martin, Virgil or Slick. Sick bastards.

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