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Kurt Angle arrested.....again!

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TMZ.com is reporting that TNA star Kurt Angle was arrested this morning in North Dakota on DUI charges.

According to the report, Angle (who is in the middle of a loop of TNA house shows) was arrested after police found him sitting in his car "in the median separating lanes" in Grand Forks, North Dakota.


Angle failed a field sobriety test that was given to him after authorities allegedly smelled alcohol on his breath. Angle was arrested and charged with being in control of a motor vehicle while intoxicated. Since he wasn't seen driving the car by police, they could not charge him with a DUI.


The report noted that Angle claimed he was sitting in the road due to hitting an icy patch on the road while driving.


Angle was arrested in 2007 in Moon Township, PA on a DUI charge after police received a report of an erratic driver leaving a local bar. Angle was the charged with driving under the influence and careless driving after police traced the description of the car to his home. Angle was later found not guilty on those charges when the complaining witness was unable to corroborate her story.


Angle was also arrested in 2009 on a number of assault and harassment-related charges involving former girlfriend Tranesha Biggers, although in the end those charges were all dropped. At the time, Angle was charged with driving with a suspended license, as a result of the license never being reinstated after his 2007 court case was resolved.


Angle is already out on bail and is scheduled for tonight's TNA house show.

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At least he's happy:



Kurt had this to say:

Thank U to my supporters. I was not drunk. I was in ice storm and my car slid into 3 ft of snow median. I called police 4 help. They had other plans. I was stucl and wanted to go to my hotel. I was not passed out Drunk. I was co-herent. I'm sorry if I let you down. Don't Believe everything you read. My life is good and this is a speed bump in the road. The truth will come out. GOD Bless. I take responsibility for this. My job is to stay clean and never put myself in jeopardy. TMZ blew it out of proportion. After my Hearings, I will give You proper story. GOD Bless. Kurt Angle. I Love You all
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An AP story quoting Capt. Kevin Robson of the North Dakota Highway Patrol contracted a few statements Kurt Angle made on twitter regarding his arrest.


Robson said Angle did not call the police, but a passer-by on Interstate 29 called police saying there was a car in the median of the road. On officer went to the spot and found Angle behind the wheel of a Dodge Durango and claimed he smelled alcohol.


Angle on twitter claimed he had hit an icy patch, but the officer said the road was dry. Angle told police he received a text message that distracted him and caused him to go into the median.

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