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GPW: "Only The Strong Survive 2011" Sat 9th Apr Wigan

Mr. Noble

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On April 9th Grand Pro Wrestling present our annual survival show! "Only The Strong Survive" will take place on a rare Saturday night at the Monaco Ballroom, Atherton Rd. Hindley Wigan WN2 3EU and will feature an entire show dedicated to traditional survivor series matches.


The first confirmed match is our main event for the evening...


Kirby's Dream Team:

Martin Kirby (Capt.) / Joey Hayes / El Ligero / Dylan Robetrs




The MasterPlan:

Dirk Feelgood (Capt.) / Bubblegum / Cameron Kraze / Jiggy Walker



The MasterPlan movement first started in October 2009 when Dirk Feelgood recruited Cameron Kraze and targeted Dylan Roberts, making Roberts' life hell in the process. Since then, MasterPlan leader, Dirk Feelgood has gained considerable momentum for his faction by bringing back both for GPW Tag Team Champion Jiggy Walker and former GPW Heavyweight Champion Bubblegum as the MasterPlan swelled in numbers.


As their stock increased, so did their targets. Joey Hayes was the next on the hit list. After being eliminated from the Rumble in May last year and then on the other end of one of the most shocking and dramatic turns in UK wrestling history when Bubbleugm returned and joined Dirk's MasterPlan. More recently, Joey has been on the wrong end of Dirk's cast that he claims to have been wearing for a "broken wrist"... At "Only The Strong Survive 2010" during our Torneo Cibernetico, El Ligero interjected himself into the feud but was ultimately outnumbered by The 4 man MasterPlan and taken out of the match via submission at the hands of The 4th Figure Of Feelgood submission. At the start of 2011, Martin Kirby joined the fray and has since helped even up the numbers, it was his challenge to The MasterPlan at the end of "Live & Let Die" that sealed this main event.


Joey Hayes' win at the Cibernetico is a mere foot note in this massive feud as this will be the first time all 8 men have been in the ring together at the same time. We will find out who will be the last man standing in a feud that has to end! Who is the strongest? Can Joey do it again? Will Captain Martin Kirby, current MiTB holder step up and take the fight to Feelgood? Can Ligero nullify the threat of Bubblegum? Can Dylan finally get a measure of revenge over the group that have made his life hell over the past 18 months? Or will The MasterPlan have another trick up their sleeve and continue their impressive momentum? So many questions, such a huge main event!



Zach's Diamonds:

Zach Diamond (Capt.) / Xander Cooper / Mikey Whiplash / Danny Hope




The Evil Empire:

William G

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Time for another traditional survivor series match for our first supershow of 2011, here it is:


Super Dangerous Warriors:

"Dangerous" Damon Leigh (Capt.) / "Super" Sam Bailey / Ricky J. McKenzie / "The Psychotic Warrior" Johnny Phere




Preachers, Creatures & Champions:

Heresy (Capt.) / Kastory LeVay / Cyanide / Dave Rayne


Two absolutely massive shock returns in this match up as GPW Heavyweight Champ, DDL brings back former Heavyweight Champ, Johnny Phere to team alongside No.1 Contenders to the GPW Tag Team Titles, Sam Bailey and Ricky J. McKenzie. But whatever DDL can do, Heresy can do better as one half of the GPW Tag Champions brings in reigning FutureShock Champion, Dave Rayne to team alongside Cyanide and Heresy's own tag team partner, The Monster Kastor LeVay.


But who has the upperhand here? DDL will be feeling pleased with himself having secured the return of former SIN man Johnny Phere. Phere once held the Heavyweight title that DDL holds now but has not been seen in GPW since our 5th Anniversary show, "V" nearly 3 years ago! The sheer presence of the former SIN stable member will surely knock Heresy's team off their game plan. DDL has experience in these survival matches and the team of Bailey and McKenzie have already shown signs of coming together as a solid team in the unfortunate loss last month. The 4 individuals will have to pool together though if they are to overcome considerable oppostion...


Heresy brings together a scary and powerful looking team as he and partner LeVay join forces with the man who has waged war on DDL and his title, Cyanide. Cyanide has been on a killers streak for nearly 12 months now, destroying everything in his path. He was the man who eliminated DDL from the Cibernetico Survival match, will history repeat itself? Despite a wiley veteran with Survival wins and championships to his name, does Heresy have more tricks up his sleeve? He has certainly gained a coo after drafting in new FutureShock champion, Dave Rayne to his team. Rayne, as a new member of The Authority will have his work cut out for him as the man who has been wronged by The Authority over and over again, Johnny Phere stands on the other side of the ring.


This will be the first time ever the FutureShock Champion and the Grand Pro Wrestling Champion will face off against one another. Who will come out on top? So many possibilites, so many cross over stories for what promises to be an awesome weekend of North West survival action.


Who will be the last man standing?



The second part of our "Live & Let Die" show blog is now online at: http://www.gpwblog.posterous.com Read all about some previous shows struggles, how a perfect night turned sour, what happens just before your debut, some on the spot decision making and much, much more.


Our shop is now finally back online and has a new home over at http://www.grandprowrestling.co.uk where DVDs are available for as little as

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Some insanely good matches announced so far. The very nature of the show means it will be more based around engrossingly interesting storyline progression than actual final satisfying payoff, but that is one of the things I love about GPW.


As for BIN MAN... isn't the NWRL down to 4 on each team now? Seems to suggest another 8-man tag bout to me....


Fuck it, I may even try to find a hi-vis vest to turn up in and show my support.

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DDL's new music being Moore/Lynott 'Out in the Fields' did make me mark, but that's down to me having a stiffy for Lynott to be fair.


Someone needs to come out to the Boys are Back in Town, god knows why anyone hasn't used that before.

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This show - tomorrow night!


The first big supershow of the year promises to be absolutely huge, so if you've still got no plans for tomorrow - the sun is shining here! The sun will still be out on Sunday too for FutureShock50, come and immerse yourself in top class wrestling action in the Greater Manchester area allll weekend!


Big shout out to our Twitter account too, no better time than this weekend to jump on board with our Tweets. Start following now and go interactive this weekend!


Grand Pro Wrestling are approaching a huge milestone in the coming weeks, any ideas what it might be? More info soon!


See you guys tomorrow night!

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