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GPW: "Only The Strong Survive 2011" Sat 9th Apr Wigan

Mr. Noble

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I was thinking the exact same thing. I've no idea if they've done 100 shows but considering the company has existed since what, 2003, it's possible. If thats the case bring back Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli, Mike Quackenbush, Ares and Tracy Smothers for old time sake. And throw B Boy in since he didn't make it that time. Not asking much like :)

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Zack's Diamonds def The Evil Empire in 30:00


Danny Hope pinned Bruce Sheila

Noam Dar eliminated Xander Cooper via submission

Danny Hope pinned Noam Dar

William Gaylord pinned Danny Hope

Zack Diamond pinned William Gaylord

Jack Gallagher pinned Zack Diamond

Mikey Whiplash pinned Jack Gallagher


Your sole survivor: Mikey Whiplash


NWRL Captains Match


Axl Rage pinned The Great Suzuki in 10:05



Preachers, Creatures and Champions def The Super Dangerous Warriors in 23:08

Johnny Phere pinned Dave Rayne

Cyanide pinned Johnny Phere

RJM was disqualified when the ref thought he'd hit Heresy with the bible

Heresy pinned Sam Bailey

Cyanide pinned DDL


Your survivors: Cyanide and Paradise Lost


RJM and Sam Bailey challenged Paradise Lost to a "No Holds Barred" Match for the Tag Team Trophy at the next event, GPW Battlefield on Friday May 6th.


The Master Plan def Kirby's Dream Team in 37:00


El Ligero pinned Jiggy Walker

Dirk Feelgood eliminated Dylan Roberts via submission

Martin Kirby was disqualified for hassling the referee

Dirk Feelgood and Joey Hayes eliminated each other by pinfall at the same time

El Ligero pinned Cameron Kraze

Bubblegum pinned El Ligero


Your sole survivor: Bubblegum


In the closing moments, BIN MAN hit the ring and speared Jason Logan (who had just aided Bubblegum to victory)

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Bit late on this but a cracking show on Saturday. Yet another reason why GPW deserves waaay more respect/attention in the UK scene. Deffinately one of the best GPW shows i've been to (saying that alot lately too) and probably the best one this year upto now.


I enjoyed every match on the show. Im torn between the opener and the main event but the other elimination match ended up being way more fun that i'd initially imagined. Hard to believe the opener would be anything more than quality with the talent involved. Deffinately the 'workers' match of the night in the sense of just having an exciting match with some of your most talented guys and not too much in the way of storylines etc. Very impressive performance by Noam Dar and I really hope he's back in GPW real soon. The main event was also awesome and worked completely in the way the stories demanded it to; lots of heat, wild atmosphere, fast-paced complicated spots. The end sequence with the battle of Hubba Bubba Lucha was awesome. The two best spots being an absoluely SICK reverse rana from Ligero to Bubblegum (probably rivalled only by Quack to Cabanna at TPI and PAC vs Kevin Steen in PWG) and Bubbs' brutal double foot stomp.


If you weren't there, get the DVD!

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Can only echo what has been said - another brilliant top-to-bottom show from GPW, which ticked all the boxes. Can't think of another UK promotion I'm regularly and consistently enjoying more at the moment - they're on fire.


While I'm hoping to get chance to do somewhat of a full review again in the next few days, both the opener and the main event Survivor Series matches were absolutely tremendous, for so very different reasons. The opener was all-action excitement, thrills and spills, while the main was pure story-driven drama in the most epic style possible. The other to matches were decent too, with the handling of the NWRL situation being especially engrossing in one and the Heavyweight and Tag title scenarios becoming more interesting in the other.


Gutted to say that I had to dash (and I mean SPRINT) to the train station as soon as the final decisive pinfall was counted in the main event and missed a return run-in from BIN MAN.


Well chuffed, however, with my raffle winning prize (yep) this time, though, which was a 10-DVD set including all 8 GPW events from 2010 and 2 more classics from the 2005-6 era. Been wanting to check out some GPW DVDs for ages now and can't wait to get stuck into them.

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I reckon a Best of GPW dvd is a long time coming. The amount of good matches i've seen across the dvd's I own is certainly more than enough to warrant a Best Of. Im not saying such a dvd would increase attendance or anything, but it'd certainly be a decent starting point for people unable to make it to shows that would like to see the product. I know as a first time buyer i'd be more inclined to get a Best Of dvd than a random show

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