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  1. Check out our latest blog "A History of Tag Teams" on the website In the blog we cover the 14 year history of tag team wrestling in GPW and the 11 year history of the tag trophy. We also look at the teams to have held it, the feuds they were in to win and lose it and of course the present day tag division. Give it a read and whilst you're there, pre-order your July 28th tickets for just £8.
  2. Our next show is "The Great British Beatdown" on July 28th and here's our awesome looking card! For more info on the matches, have a read of the show blog at and whilst you're there, pre-order yourself an £8 ticket!
  3. Read the full results from A Night to Remember 2017 in our latest blog, here Next event is "Great British Beat Down" on July 28th. Pre order tickets on sale for £8 now!
  4. New blog all about the GPW career of Martin Kirby, read it here
  5. After nearly 12 months, "Dangerous" Damon Leigh returns home to officiate the main event title match between Dylan Roberts and Ashton Smith. Smith and Roberts both injured head official Michael Fitzgerald and his understudy, Adam Hutchinson during their first meeting, so we've brought in Grand Slam champ, DDL to keep order and make sure a decision for the title is reached! Don't miss A Night to Remember, this Friday!
  6. We are getting very close to our next live event on May 12th! "A Night to Remember" is an annual event held in honour and remembrance of former GPW wrestlers Dom Travis (1980 - 2012) and Kris Travis (1983 - 2016). It is also the night we give thanks by opening up the doors to our Hall of Fame and granting access to on more individual. Who will it be this year? Here is the full card for May 12th, read all about the matches we have and then head to to pre-order your tickets. GPW Heavyweight Title Match Ft. Special Guest Referee Ashton Smith v. Dylan Roberts (c) Part 1 of our Double Main Event is a re-match from February, however this time around the registered GPW officials, who were injured during the first encounter have refused to officiate the match! So, this match will have a special guest referee to be announced on Facebook and Twitter in the next few days, and will once again be for the Heavyweight Title! If you saw, or heard about Dylan v. Smith the first time round, you'd be completely insane to miss this re-match. The two tore the house down. The match did result in the pair getting suspended due to the injuries sustained by officials so there is absolutely no love lost between these two and the stakes are as high as they can go! DO NOT MISS THIS thrilling main event match! Main Event Grudge Match: Cyanide v. Joey Hayes The second part of our Double Main event sees an issue that has been simmering since the start of the year come to a head. Cyanide holds Hays responsible for him not taking British Title gold at the start of the year. Since then he has targeted Joey, attacking him when he is isolated and attempting to put him on the injured list. Joey wants to take the monster former Heavyweight Champ on and beat him in order for these jump attacks to stop. It's David vs. Goliath in this meaty looking match you cannot miss! Sam Gradwell Interview: Coming off arguably the biggest win of his career by defeating Pete Dunne in an instant classic last show, Sam Gradwell has asked for mic time at A Night To Remember. What is on his mind? What could he want to say? Don't miss this! GPW Tag Team Trophy Match: Bone & Kollins v. Island Brothers (c) It was just 1 second that separated these two at the last show as the Island Brothers pipped the new pairing of Bone and Kollins at the post for a count out victory. The new team of Kollins and Bone seemed to catch the 2 time tag champs off guard as they struggled to get the job done in the ring. A re-match is needed to decide who is the better team, and the Trophy is on the line! GPW Women's Tournament: Natalie Wild v. Lizzy Styles The inaugural Women's Tournament continues at A Night To Remember as we welcome Lizzy Styles into the next round. Lizzy, making her GPW debut will take on the woman who has owned this tournament before it even began. Natalie Wild injured Lana Austin putting her out for up to a year before she made GPW life long fan, Lucy Sky tap out when she entered the tournament last show. Can Lizzy stop her and go onto advance to the next round? Six Man Tag: The Hate League & Don Meacho v. Bubblegum, Jumpin' Jimmy Jackson & Matt Brooks A star studded six man awaits at A Night To Remember. Former Tag Team Champions, The Hate League team up with Don Meacho to take on former British and Heavyweight Champion Bubblegum who teams up with current British Champion, Jumpin Jimmy Jackson and rising star "Magnificent" Matt Brooks. Fast Track 4-Way: Quinn v. Cartier v. Big Joe v. Austin One of these guys is getting a title shot on May 12th!! There's no love lost between Nicholas Cartier and Issiah Quinn who blame one another for not winning the 4-way last time around and who both go into this Fast Track due to not being pinned in the last one. Joining them is the latest addition to the Bad Lads stable, Big Joe! Having only debuted at Back With A Bang, this is Joe's first opportunity at making a name for himself. And please welcome back, high flying sensation L.A Austin as the 4th and final competitor in the match. Brother to Lana Austin, L.A had his own injury worries when he broke his leg in the ring over 3.5 years ago. L.A hasn't wrestled since and May 12th will be first time he's stepped foot in the ring! Who will earn a title shot and which title will they choose to cash in on? Singles Match: Martin Kirby v. The Sheikh's Investment So far, all of The Sheikh's Investments have failed to stop Kirby. Kirby has beaten them all, but Sheikh Mohammed Rizzy Khan has promised that Kirby has never met anything like his next investment before. Who could The Sheikh have in mind for May 12th?
  7. Tickets to our next show on March 24th are flying out, have you got yours? Here is our full card for the evening, to find out more about the stories behind the matches, head to Main Event: Sam Gradwell v. Pete Dunne The re-match the Universe has been waiting for! How much did Dunne cost Gradwell in the UKCT? Gradwell is convinced he cost him the title, Dunne says he "was just making an impact". Gradwell wants redemption, Dunne has granted it. Do re-matches come bigger? Women's Tournament Match: Toni Storm v. Natalie Wild Wild established herself as the alpha female in this tournament by eliminating Lana Austin before the tournament had even started. It starts proper, on March 24th and Wild has a real challenge in the form of International star, Toni Storm. This is the first women's match in a GPW ring for over 6 years. Who will make it to the next round? British Championship Match: "Jumpin" Jimmy Jackson © v. Joey Hayes It's friend v. friend in this title match! Jackson grants Joey a shot at the title after Hayes assisted Jackson in his defence against Cyanide when he cashed in his fast track win at Back With a Bang. It's been 10 years since Joey held a title in GPW, can he win here? Singles Match: Kirby v. Sheik's Investment Martin Kirby embarrassed the Sheik at Back With a Bang by dispatching his first investment following a Sable Bomb. Who will be revealed as the Sheik's second investment, and can Kirby win again? Tag Team Match: The Island Brothers © v. ??? The new two time tag champs, The Island Brothers have issued a unique challenge to all non tag teams. Who will take their challenge up and how will that effect the tag team division? They have until March 24th to gel and until March 23rd to get their applications in! Singles Match: Cyanide v. "Magnificent" Matt Brooks It's The Monster v. The Opera in this first ever singles match. Brooks returns to GPW after an Operatic tour of Rome and Sydney where he has perfect new entrance music and is ready for the singles challenge of the 26 stone former Heavyweight Champion, Cyanide. Six Man Tag: Midnight Bin Collection & Bubblegum v. The Bad Lads & Big Joe The Midnight Bin Collection return from their 5 month spending spree after winning the Sheik's fortune to form one of the most star studded GPW trios of all time as they team with Bubblegum to take on the fearsome threesome of former Tag Team Champs, The Bad Lads and their new recruit, Big Joe. Tickets are just £8 for all pre-orders and are on sale right now. Head over to to get yours now.
  8. We were Back With A Bang last night for the first show of 2017, and the start of our 14th year! A packed out house saw the following unfold: Cyanide pinned Sexy Kev to earn a title shot later on in the night. Martin Kirby pinned the Sheik's First Investment - Nick Maguire Big Joe pinned Wahoo Thunderfoot Post Match, Cyanide came out to cash in on British Champion, Jumpin Jimmy Jackson. The match didn't last long before, Joey Hayes came to Jackson's aid by distracting Cyanide long enough for him to be counted out and Jackson won by count out. Sam Gradwell pinned Bubblegum Post match Gradwell called out Pete Dunne to come to the Rose Club next month to find out who is the better man following their WWE UKCT match. The special re-match was later confirmed by Dunne's representatives, Match signed! We announced our first womens match in 7 years!! Next month, March 24th we start a "Woman stays on Tournament" with the eventual winner being crowned on our final show of 2017. Lana Austin came out to put her name forward as the first person, only to be attacked by T-Bone's new girlfriend, Natalie Wild. Island Brothers defeat Hate League by pinfall ***TITLE CHANGE*** Ashton Smith defeats Dylan Roberts by DQ (referee reversed decision, following refusal to break a submission hold) If you missed it, there are some clips from the epic main event on our Facebook page Our next show is "Northern Soul II" Friday March 24th be there to see the start of our women's tournament, find out who the Sheik's next Investment is and of course, don't miss the re-match of re-matches, our main event Pete Dunne v. Sam Gradwell. Tickets just £8 if pre-ordered from the website keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook pages for more matches TBA! Attend on our Facebook event page
  9. Greetings Grapple Fans! The Card Cyanide has been making life extremely difficult for The Circus in recent months and has raised the ire of his former tag team partner, Jack Gallagher. These two started in GPW together and I can't think of a better finale for Jack than facing his old buddy, Cyanide. Who will get the Lethal Dose in this one? Dirk Feelgood is to make the next HOF Induction. For one roster member this really will be a night to remember! Blood continues to boil in this dispute between Brooks and RJM so a tag team match was required. Brooks has picked Ashton Smith to join him while RJM has selected veteran "Deadly" Damon Leigh. Leigh and Brooks are no strangers to one another, as well, after all, Brooks pinned Leigh at GPW BWAB 2016. After Bin Mann earned the right to face Heavyweight Champion at the last show, my curiosity was piqued. How would his long time tag partner fair in a British Championship match? Find out the answer on June 10th! The Tag Team division in GPW hasn't been this hot since the days of Project Ego, Damage Control, WKD and even Kev "n" Krev. What better way to celebrate that fact than with a four team gauntlet? 2 teams start the match and the match will end when 3 of the 4 teams have been eliminated. Who will be next in line to face Tag Team Trophy Holders, The Hate League?? Joey Hayes has been on the shelf since January with a torn pectoral muscle but now he's back off injured reserve. I need to make sure I'm getting my money's worth so I'm throwing him right out of the frying pan and into the fire with this one. "The One Man Riot" has been on a tear as of late and would love to make Joey's night one to forget! Our main event will be a rematch from Friday The Thirteenth which proved to be unlucky for Bin Man as his first ever shot at the Heavyweight Title ended in a disqualification. T-Bone, ever the fighting champion, has granted Bin Man a rematch. At ANTR we will find out who the better man is, once and for all!! Before I go, one more thing... Be sure to check out our new GRAND PRO ON DEMAND Site now featuring 10 years worth of shows. Check out the trailer and more at the following link... So many shows worth checking out, our historian, GPW Kristian Zane has forwarded me some of his recommendations... 1) GPW: The Return 2004: A Pre WWE Cesaro in tag team action and Robbie Brookside versus Johnny Kidd on the same show. Need I say more?? 2) GPW: Wanted from 2005, a terrific show I feel still holds up today with a great match between a pre WWE Tyson Kidd against Mikey Whiplash. Plus it features a guest appearance by yours truly! 3) GPW Friday Night Thriller 2006 features a classic between a pre Rockstar Spud and Joey Hayes as well as a career defining match between Heresy and Dirk Feelgood. 4) GPW Only The Strong Survive 2007 was our first Survivor Series event and set the bar pretty high. The show features 3 traditional Survivor Series Matches with the top talent of the era spread across all 3. If you enjoyed the S-Series shows WWE put on in the late 80's to mid 90's you'll love this! 5) GPW Battlefield 2011 features a fantastic and to the best of my knowledge only, 30 Minute Triple Threat Iron Match between Jack Gallagher, Zack Gibson (then known as Zack Diamond) and Mikey Whiplash But are these the best shows Grand Pro has to offer? Don't just take Kristian Zane's word for it, find out for yourself now!
  10. Greetings Grapple Fans! Sorry I've not been in touch for a while, I've been very busy putting things in place for the next exciting instalment of Grand Pro Wrestling. Our next event is entitled "Friday The 13th" and you can see the card below: F13 will feature the 2nd Fast Track Fatal 4 Way with the winner advancing to a Title Match of his choice in the main event of F13. The Contenders: Craig Kollins: The Barrow Power House made an immediate impact when he first appeared in 2015 going toe to toe with the best Grand Pro has to offer. Kollins nearly captured the Heavyweight Title in his first title match last year. Could Friday The 13th be a lucky night for the "One Man Riot?" Dylan Roberts: The Grand Pro Veteran is looking to secure his first ever British Title or Heavyweight Title Match by winning the Fast Track Four Way and has to be considered the favourite. Roberts scored his biggest win to date when he pinned Joey Hayes at Grand Pro "Back With A Bang" 2016 and then later that night The Hate League assaulted Heavyweight Champion T-Bone and British Champion Bubblegum at the conclusion of their bout. Nick Maguire: The Manchester Native has yet to receive a One On One Title Match and will be looking to score a big win here against the other three contenders. Maguire's biggest victory to date was a win over the former British Champion El Ligero at "Back To School" 2015. "Jumping" Jimmy Jackson: Jackson may lack the experience but willl no doubt be the crowd favourite going into the contest. Jackson will be looking to score an upset and propel himself to new heights in Grand Pro Wrestling. The Circus vs. The Bad Lads These teams last met at Double Jeopardy but on that night Drill was mysteriously absent. This will be the first time that all three Bad Lads will be joining forces to combat the hugely popular trio known as The Circus. The Circus are currently undefeated as a trio in Grand Pro and will be looking to score another big win here. This will be Jack Gallagher's last appearance in Grand Pro before he heads to WWE to compete in the Cruiserweight Classic. Will he leave us in a blaze of glory or will the Bad Lads ruin Jack's farewell? Very few rivalries are as personal as the one between newcomer Brookes and the former Heavyweight Champion RJM. The feud began back at "Bad Blood" when RJM rudely interrupted Brookes musical performance and vowed to rid GPW of others he perceived to be beneath him. At "Only The Strong Survive" their dispute further intensified when Brookes retaliated by costing RJM his chance to qualify for the F13 FT4Way Match. This one comes to a head at F13, expect fireworks! F13 signature bout will be the Unlucky For One Match. Grand Pro Tag Team Champions, The Hate League (Danxig & Dursun) will face either the Heavyweight Champion T-Bone or the British Champion Bubblegum. Both Champions face a tough night at F13, defend their title or face a beating from The Hate League and neither man will know who they'll be facing until the bell goes at the conclusion of the Fast Track Four Way. "The Battle Of The Banks" CJ Banks returns to Grand Pro to step into the ring with New Zealander Travis Banks at F13. Travis Banks will be looking to attain his first win against the former CC8 and British Champion while CJ Banks will be looking to get back into the title hunt by sending a message to the champions with a pin fall over the top prospect. And of course, our main event will feature the winner of the Fast Track Four Way versus Either Heavyweight Champion T-Bone or British Champion Bubblegum! VENUE: Rose Club, Atherton Rd. Hindley Wigan WN2 3EU. TIMES: Doors open 7pm, show starts 7:30pm. Pre-order tickets now for just £8 at Tickets on the door will be £9.50 per person or £29 for a family ticket."
  11. Cheers for keeping the shows going on here Benny! And thanks for the recent reviews, always appreciate hearing your thoughts. We'll get back onto contributing to this thread as the shows come up, and as you mentioned - our next one is 'Double Jeopardy' on December 4th. The Facebook event is All our 2016 dates are booked, they are: Jan 22nd Feb 26th Apr 1st May 13th Jun 10th Aug 19th Sep 23rd Nov 11th In answer to some of the questions raised, firstly - Joey is injured. We thought he'd be able to compete at FNT9 but the scan he had on the day of the show meant he couldn't. We have our fingers crossed he gets the all clear for December 4th and can wrestle Soner. Although there was no football or rugby that clashed with the last show, we were up against two touring companies both within 5 miles of the venue. Megaslam in Chorley and Ian McGregor in Leigh. In 12 years of promoting, we've never had so much competition so close by. We stepped up promotion for the event but I think the combination of the two companies promoting in the local area really hurt our draw for FNT9. Re: the DVDs, it's been a frustrating one due to our long serving DVD team retiring at the start of the year. After a lot of messing about, let downs and different options looked into, we now have a brilliant new team together. The plan with this years footage is to release it as a box set / condensed DVD, because you're right all footage and commentary have been collated. The plan moving forward for the DVDs is to get ALL the footage on line into a subscription model, much like Futureshock. That's 12 years and counting worth of footage, so bear with us it may take some time but after us wanting to do this for well over a year, we're finally in a position to start the long process of uploading and marketing it out. Expect a website overhaul and new tshirts all coming on the near future too.
  12. On July 24th, a Cruel Summer will descend! Tickets just £8 from Doors at The Rose Club, Atherton Rd Hindley, WN2 3EU will open at 7pm, show will start 7:30. Here's a look at what's in store! Heavyweight Title Match: Craig Kollins v. Bubblegum © The One Man Riot, Craig Kollins has destroyed everything in his wake since debuting at Grand Pro. His devastating path of pain has lead him all the way to the main event where he has a shot at the biggest star, and the biggest prize in the promotion! Kollins has brutally attacked Bubblegum immediately after his title victory 2 months ago where the two time Heavyweight Champ was hospitalised. Since then Bubblegum has staved off a follow up attack and saved Chris Ridgeway from suffering the same fate. There is real hate between these two men, who will leave with the title!? Tag Team Title Dumpster Match: The Bad Lads © v. Midnight Bin Collection w/ Chrissy from New York This tag team rivalry has been quietly rumbling on for 2 years! Having reached boiling point 2 months ago, The Bad Lads shocked the wrestling world by dethroning the mega popular Jet Fashion and Bin Man. Last month, The Midnight Bin Collection not only won the right to a re-match by defeating The Bad Lads in an arm wrestling competition, but also won the right to decide what the stipulation of that match should be, a first time ever DUMPSTER MATCH was the resounding decision by the former champs! Last month, North West Rookie Soner Dursun cost his mentor, Joey Hayes the chance to leave The Rose Club with the Heavyweight Title that has eluded him all his career by turning on the veteran. Why? And what happens to their team in the NWRL from here/ Find out what Soner, and Joey have to say on July 24th! Must See / Must Win Singles Match: Chris Ridgeway v. Jack Gallagher Both Ridgway and Gallagher are in need of a straight win. The two have never faced each other before , and this has "can't miss" written all over it. Ridgeway, the much talked about and hyped one for the future, takes on the much talked about veteran of the squared circle, very much in his prime. Do not miss! Someone needs to win!! North West Rookie League Tag Match: Dave Rayne & "Magnificent" Matthew Brooks v. Dylan Roberts & Danxig The North West Rookie League returns to its normal format as mentors Dave Rayne and Dylan Roberts lead their respective rookies, Matthew Brooks and Danxig into battle The end of the league is in sight, so this match is key to the outcome of who wins. See the next generation of stars in action! North West Rookie League Tag Match: The Circus v. Alex Jones-Casey and Damon Leigh In the second NWRL installment at Cruel Summer comes featuring the much talked about Circus mentored by Melanie Price to take on politics student and anti violence protester, Ales Jones-Casey and his mentor, veteran DDL. Return Match: Martin Kirby w/ Sheikh Muhammed R. Khan v. Sexy Kev No re-homes in one of the mysterious Sheikh's mansions, Martin Kirby has been instructed to regain his self respect by The Sheikh. Sexy Kev helped Kirby out in a time of financial crisis by teaching him how to strip, however, Kirby's new associate does not agree and has said Kirby's path back to self respect goes through Sexy Kev. Singles Match: Tabu w/ Simon Valour v. Ashton Smith After walking out of his scheduled match with Jack Gallagher last month, managed Simon Valour has insisted Tabu must fight at Cruel Summer, and must defeat the undefeated Ashton Smith if he ever wants to see his brother, Rio again. The whereabouts of Rio (who hasn't been seen all year) is not known, but Valour claims to know where he is. Will the streak continue, or will the Island Brothers be re-united. 3-Way British Title Match: Nick Maguire v. El Ligero v. T-Bone © w/ Lana Austin New British Champ, T-Bone puts the title on the line just 1 month after capturing it! He will not only grant Ligero his re-match but also opens the door for a third man, the dangerous and mysterious, Nick Maguire to join the match, making make it a 3-Way British Title Match! Maguire attacked Ligero immediately after he lost the title last month, leaving him, just as he did Sam Bailey the month before that, unconscious! What are his motives? Can he sneak out of the 3-way withthe title? Find out July 24th!
  13. Last month we sold out to a wild and crazy audience with one of our best shows in the last 12 years and are now the hottest ticket in town! To follow on from last months developments, we bring you the annual Dom Travis memorial show, "A Night To Remember". A night where we pay tribute to The Champ, and where a donation will be made to MIND from ticket sales, in memory of Dom and to celebrate the life and career of Dom, we have one hell of a night in store! Tickets: £8 online at or £9.50 on the door. With every ticket sold we will donate money to MIND. Venue: The Rose Club, Atherton Rd, Hindley Wigan WN2 3EU. Time: Doors open 7pm, show starts 7:30pm Date: Friday June 19th Matches: See below for the stories behind the matches! GPW Heavyweight Title Match: Joey Hayes v. Bubblegum © Last month, The Rose Club's favorite son lifted the Heavyweight title for a second time in most unexpected fashion. His moment was taken away from him after a brutal attack by Craig Kollins. However, the newly crowned champion has vowed to defend the title at the first time of asking as he puts the title on the line against career rival, close friend and No.1 Contender, Joey Hayes. You could make an argument for both of these men being the most important performer for Grand Pro over the last 12 years. Many would say it is the man who lifted the first ever CC8 Tournament trophy and has climbed atop the GPW mountain once before. Whereas many others would argue the man born out of the GPW training system, who has held all titles except the Heavyweight one is the most important name associated with the company. One thing is for sure, the GPW audience will be split like never before as they cheer both these two major UK names on as one man will leave with the title. Mystery Benefactor £100k Battle Royal: A mystery benefactor has pledged £100k to whoever can win a special 15 man Battle Royal on June 19th. The contest will include all North West Rookie League rookies, who have been entered by their relevant pro's along with Ashton Smith, Sexy Kev, Nick Maguire, Martin Kirby and Dom Travis' brother, Nate! Who is behind the £100k? But more importantly, who will win it? Cyanide In Action: Former Heavyweight Champion, Cyanide is on the rampage and confirmed his attendance for June 19th! GPW British Title Match: El Ligero © v. T-Bone w/ Lana The British Champ, El Ligero returns! The masked luchador will defend his British Title against No.1 Contender T-Bone. These two have already clashed once of the coveted title, where Ligero retained, however, Bone with the assistance of Lana at his side has scratched, clawed and had some of his very best matches to get back in a position to challenge Ligero again. This match will raise the roof. Be there to see it! Singles Match: Jack Gallagher v. Tabu w/ Simon R. Valour Former British Champ, Jack Gallagher takes on former tag champ, Tabu. Don't miss this fantastic clash of styles match! These two were partners last month, this month they go one on one. After problems making the team work these two supreme competitors lock horns in what promises to be a hard hitting singles match that will have people talking for some time! Arm Wrestling Match: The Bad Lads v. Midnight Bin Collection The new Tag Team Champions, Drill and Micky Barnes, The Bad Lads have denied former Champs, Jet Fashion and Ste Bin Man a re-match for the titles, but have granted them an arm wrestling match on June 19th. Barnes and Drill claim to be undefeated across 16 different council estates and 23 pubs. Can The Midnight Bin Collection gain some momentum back by defeating the Bad Lads at their own game? Singles Match: "One Man Riot" Craig Kollins v. Chris Ridgeway These two competitors are really carving a reputation for themselves across the UK at the moment, and on June 19th they go one on one in what promises to be a classic in the making. Kollins, took a determined step forward in cementing his growing reputation last month when he hospitalised not only referee Phil Robinson, but Heavyweight Champ, Bubblegum just minutes after he won the title. Kollins used a devastating submission type maneuver that caused both men to foam at the mouth and Bubblegum vomit in the ring. Fan favorite, Ridgeway hasn't taken such brutal steps to be noticed but both men really need a win here, who will leave with their hand raised? This is an incredible looking show with everything on from Title matches, to Arm Wrestling Matches, to Battle Royals to hard hitting singles matches, Buy your tickets now to the hottest show in town!
  14. Show THIS Friday! Doors open 7pm, show starts 7:30pm. £8 online at £9.50 on the door at The Rose Club, Hindley Wigan WN2 3EU Main Event: GPW Heavyweight Title Match Dirk Feelgood © v. Ricky J. McKenzie RJM, has been by Dirk's side ever since his dramatic return to the ring last year. But in March, he positioned himself not by his side, but directly infront of him as he challenged him to the title at Battlefield. With Joey Hayes being the recognised No.1 Contender, RJM had to take drastic action to get what he wanted by attacking the 3 time champ, Feelgood. The match now takes place between the young, up and coming upstart vs. the celebrated wiley veteran. Who will leave the Rose Club with the title?!? Six Man Tag: CJ Banks, Sam Bailey & Chris Ridgeway v. Jack Gallagher, Tabu & Nick Maguire Banks, Bailey and new comer Chris Ridgeway join forces to take on the trio of Jack Gallagher, Nick Maguire and Tabu in a tasty looking six man tag! Banks and Gallagher have been locked in a well publicised feud for over 12 months but now that rivalry welcomes in 4 more exciting names. Can the teams co-exist? The man who gets the pinfall in this one can expect big things to come for the rest of 2015. Nate Travis Calls out Cyanide! As it says on the tin, hard hitting Nate Travis will call out former Heavyweight Champion Cyanide this Friday! Find out, why, where and when the inevitable match will take place! Singles Match: Craig Kollins v. Bubblegum Craig Kollins is 0 - 2 in GPW and quickly needs to make a name for himself before he is brushed away and forgotten about. He sees his challenge to GPW's favourite son, Bubblegum as the difference maker. A win against a former CC8 winner and Heavyweight Champion, Bubblegum is adored by GPW fans. A win here will give Kollins the legitamacy he yearns for. But, a win against Bubblegum will be far, far from easy. Don't miss this one! GPW Tag Team Title Match: The Bad Lads v. The Midnight Bin Collection w/ Chrissy from New York © Drill and Barnes, The Bad Lads have pushed and pushed and they have finally got what they wanted, a title match against the champs.Jet Fashion and Bin Man, The Midnight Bin Collection. The MBC are hands down the hottest act in town right now and certainly have the momentum behind them but The Bad Lads have proven they are no easy push overs and not afraid to go to any extremes to get the job done. In addition to all the above, we also have TWO MORE NWRL MATCHES! Buy your tickets now online for just £8 -
  15. North West Rookie League: Dylan Roberts (Pro) & Danxig (Rookie) v. Joey Hayes (Pro) & Soner Dursun (Rookie) Rookies revealed ahead of Friday's show! The 2015 North West Rookie League is beginning to shape up as both Hayes and Roberts reveal their rookies for the tournament. The man known as "The Misery Machine" Danxig joins Dylan Roberts and a young man who has already turned a few heads in British wrestling, Soner Durusn steps through the GPW ropes for the first time to join Joey Hayes to give us a really exciting looking match! The tournament gets underway properly THIS FRIDAY as one of two tournament matches on the night. Ticket sales are big for this one, don't you dare miss the start of this wonderful tournament showcasing the stars of British wrestling's tomorrow.