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Royal Rumble Live PPV - Sky HD+ customers cant purchase?


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Ok so im sure im not the only one with this issue - but if you want to buy the Rumble in HD, if you check the sports and evemts section, on normal Sky+ boxes it is there and can be bought no issues. but if you have an HD+ box like me, only the repeats are shown and are able to be bought.

I spent 20 mins on the phone to somewhere in asia to be told i need to record the LAST repeat, and then i can still watch the live version.

Problem is the repeat is in SD and the live one in HD, so will that even work?


Im pretty pissed about the situation, does anyone know what can be done?


All i want to do is watch it live and record it, but if i end up getting a blank screen on monday morning at 1am, heads will roll.

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Just buy the repeat and forget about watching it live maybe.


if i cant watch it live, then i may as well wait for the bluray.


this has never happened before, and sky dont seem to know what the hell is going on.


am i supposed to just never watch a live ppv event again? if thats the case i dont need sky.

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On the Sky advert for the Rumble today. There was a message saying the repeats would not be in HD.


That would suggest the live event is available in HD then, you would think.


Did it specifically state it would be?

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its ok all sorted now, i had to do a sky+ rebuild and the show was then available to purchase and record.


basically on the EPG the rumble was in blue writing, which of course is wrong as it should be white for SD and orange for HD programming.


i know some people on digital spy has the problem so wondered if it was for everyone, but im guessing its just my model of box.

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With a Sky HD Box can you only watch HD or is there a SD option also?


Also you say if you can't watch it live you may as well wait for the Bluray. Why?


you can watch in SD if you want, some people record in SD to save space but i see no point.


as for why i would wait for the bluray, because i only want to watch in HD. cant go back to blocky SD now.

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