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"RockStar" Spud gets a mention on Live From Studio 5

Victor Is God

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Taken from www.xwawrestling.com


For those of you who missed it, UK wrestling's own RockStar Spud was mentioned during tonight's Live from Studio 5 show on Channel 5.


Ex-Atomic Kitten star Jenny Frost, host of the popular Snog, Marry, Avoid TV show, was being interviewed about the new series starting tonight on BBC3, where people with an outrageous sense of fashion get a 'make-under'.


When asked if there were any celebrities on the new series, the leggy blonde said: "There is one guy on the show this year, he's called 'RockStar' Spud. And when we've finished with him, he looks drop dead gorgeous."


'The RockStar' is without doubt one of the most big-headed and self-centred stars in the whole of British Wrestling. But when he hears what Jenny Frost said about him on live television, his ego is likely to go through the roof!


Spud will appear on an episode of Snog, Marry, Avoid later in the series, which starts tonight on BBC3.


And see here for the RockStar Spud Snog, Marry, Avoid episode preview! The full episode will air next Tuesday night at 8pm on BBC3.


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I don't know what's worse - being on Snog, Marry, Avoid or being mentioned on Live From Studio 5.

The fact that Kate Walsh is still employed gets me. She's the obvious common denominator in the failings of the show.


Come off it. The entire show is absolute turd. The common denominator in the failings of Live From Studio 5 is the fact that it was ever made in the first place.

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I'm sitting here wondering how many of the people who have commented in this thread already (with the usual constructive, positive stuff I've come to know and love from this forum) have actually watched the RockStar Spud Snog, Marry, Avoid preview video?


In my opinion this is a fantastic advert for The RockStar Spud, his crew, and UK Wrestling's 'It Girl' Melanie Price. They give tremendous performances. I can't wait to see the full show...and it's normally a programme I wouldn't touch with a bargepole.


Here it is again in case you missed it.


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