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Picking up some imitation soccer jerseys.


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From Ireland.


In my neck of the woods football = gaelic football.


Support United so have that jersey with ages.


The jerseys out there are so cheap it would be criminal not to pick some up.


I'm not bothered about wearing a kit of a team i don't support as i already have a United one.


Barca is usally a good shout, i've always liked the Roma Kits.

Juve have had some nice Jerseys.


Any suggestions.

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"Soccer" jerseys?


From the US, are you?



whoever you truly support?


Don't wear a kit because you think it looks good, & you can't name the squad.



Why do so many football fans take it way too seriously?


About the kit I don't really mind but there is no sense calling it "Soccer", you use a ball and you foot - Football.

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