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Matt Hardy is at it again

Big Bully Busick

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Matt Hardy, wearing a "PG SUX!" T-shirt and standing in front of a Cracker Barrel restaurant, announced in his latest YouTube post that he plans to get a new hairdo in the beginning of 2011. He is asking fans to leave comments below his video saying what he should get.


"Should I just buzz it? Should I just cut it real short? Should I get one of those Justin Bieber hairdos? Should I get braids? Should I get dreadlocks? I don't know, the possibilities are endless."


Hardy concluded his video by adding that his hair is not the only thing that is changing, but that a lot of things are.


"... because in 2011, Matt Hardy is going to become unpredictable and he's going to change pro wrestling forever."






Matt Bieber would be a great heel

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Im shocked we havent seen him on TNA yet, just randomly backstage or at the consession stand.


Perhaps Jeff could drop the H/W belt and they could reform the Hardy boyz but with the new immortal twist, hell give Lita a call and reform Team Extreme or god forbid team up with Shannon Moore and bring in Helms for a V-2 thing.

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