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Before I go into this breaking news please sit back because everyone is in for a shock. This morning during a meeting that Moo was in he signed someone to UKFF someone who is once again going to take UKFF places someone who once again will change the forum world forever.


Moo left the following statement - This man may hate me and hate him but right now he is the biggest name in forum history and we are set to run wild on UKFF all over again. The era started in 2001 but in 2009 we will take off from where we left off. Thats right Hulkamania Fan is back with UKFF.




The following statement was left by Hulkamania Fan


Well dudes looks like I am back to help UKFF. But this time we will do things the right way and let me be very honest with you lot. This maybe my last run in forum history. I am is to give back to UKFF.


Hulkamania is running wild again brother.

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It's a forum where people talk about wrestling. There's probably hundreds of them just the same as this one.


So why keep doing this?

I just would like to return and put the past behind us. I am asking for one final change by the UKFF bosses


At this point, it's just become plain pathetic.


Plus, I have intelligence to indicate that none of the things you said in your first post are in any way true.

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Whats going on?

In 2001 I spammed the forum the boss of UKFF has never given me a chance since. It has been 8 long years. He should give me one more shot.


Fucking hell, you aren't Sid balloting Vince for a job you know.


People like Sid.

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HulkamaniaFan is a twat who used to post on the forum, got banned and keeps coming back where upon he is either found out in 5 seconds because he's a spacker or if he isn't found out, he posts an announcement because he's an attention seeking mong.


Then neil bans him.


Goodbye mong.

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