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  1. Greener than the creases of my scrotum.
  2. Never managed to convince them to sponsor me.
  3. I have on a couple of occasions had shits that have retained the smell of the KFC that I ate earlier on those days.
  4. Genuinely amazed that this took so long to appear in this thread.
  5. The Floyd saddles will do nothing other than have strings pass over them, just so long as they're lower than the one on the Tele bridge. They're essentially acting like the bar on the Bigsby that the strings pass under. The fine tuners should still work though. There's a Floyd Rose for £40 on FB Market near me......
  6. I think this needs to happen. It's just so gloriously wrong. I'm not normally into the relic thing, but I think it adds an extra touch here.
  7. I didn't realise you'd knocked that up yourself, so even more kudos for that. I can see how it would be a ball-ache as you've still got to leave a bit for each saddle to screw into. I wonder if drilling a hole would work just as well. I've now got an urge to try this, but fit a Floyd Rose behind the ashtray to give the purists something to get angry over.
  8. I like how you've still got the ashtray bridge with the Bigsby.
  9. "We're lower than THE WORLD" It's a good job us Brits use dark humour as a coping mechanism, otherwise that comment would have me heading off to the forest with a rope.
  10. 6'2 Mr Universe Arnold looks like a (freakishly muscular) child in comparison, and unlike WWF publicity shots of the time, you can see everyone's feet, proving that they're not artificially inflating Andre's size. It's a great shot for showing how legitimately huge Andre was.
  11. I'm finally making a start on my project guitar too, which I also started about four years ago. Cheap piece of shit Encore that was sat for three weeks in a charity shop for £20 that I said I wasn't going to buy, but got increasingly annoyed every time I walked past that nobody else was snapping up this bargain. The original plan was to clean it up, give it a proper set up and then flog it for a small profit, but the neck's really nice, so I'm keeping it, and I'm modding the shit out of it. Got some locking tuners and roller saddles to keep it in tune, a set of Ibanez Prestige pickups (£30 from eBay!) and I'm installing coil taps, phase switch, a killswitch and routing out a fucking huge cavity for a guitar synth circuit. It's not going to look anywhere near as decent as yours does. It'll be a proper mutant/mongrel/Frankenstein thing.
  12. My parents had a dislike for Arctic roll, so it probably only ever entered our house twice. Because of this, I still view it as a rare treat for special occasions and get unreasonably excited over them.
  13. There was also the Mega King Cone, with its awesome cinema advert. "It's here! It's m-m-m-mega! MEGA! Mega King Cone, can you handle one?"
  14. Yeah, if I was a superstar suave bastard sat in a hot tub with Debbie Harry, my mind would totally be focused on how to improve a choc ice. I actually quite like the choc ice format. No stick to get rid of at the end.
  15. I used to love a Cider Sparkle when I was little. It made me feel a bit rebellious and wild, as everyone knows cider had alcohol in it. I went through a phase of always having ice cream oysters when they were available, kidding myself that they weren't a bit shit and would just collapse into a milky, dribbly mess by the time I was halfway through it. Remember when Twisters were pink and white coloured, and someone wrote into Jim'll Fix It to design a new version? They (were heavily manipulated into) designing the green and cream version, and for a while both versions were available.
  16. Ralphy got into a fight with a cow, and developed a biscuit addiction from the trauma.
  17. The only one allowed to attend an LPW show.
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