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  1. She'd been my first choice, with her "cool auntie with a naughty sense of humour" voice. You just know that between takes she's offering round a plate of bourbons.
  2. Is there much variety in the music? For example, will the scenes with Will Carling be in the style of a bawdy drinking song?
  3. It might just be because it's another of those things where Mother Theresa's face appears in bake. With a dick in her mouth.
  4. He's so zany!!! He's bringing zaniness back!!! ZOMG!!! LMAO!!! Cunt.
  5. Some traffic lights are set so that they will change to red when a car is approaching and then change to green almost immediately afterwards. The idea is to slow traffic down instead of stopping it completely.
  6. They have the same tune as the one used for Mozart's "Twelve Variations on Ah Vous Dirai-je, Maman".
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