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  1. Oh, go on then. Apostrophe, One Size Fits All and Zoot Allures are all prime contenders for here, but I'm offering these two: 50 years old and still as fresh as ever, it's practically cryogenic. Zappa forms the most incredible band he can, and then drives them to insanity by changing the set list every night and putting the sociopathic bass player in charge of rehearsals. The sound, though. Just the sound of that big band with the horns and percussionist is awesome. An underappreciated gem, hindered by poor marketing. It's not an Iron Maiden album in any way, just a tremendous bit of late 80s radio friendly pop rock. And it's waaaay better than Dance of Death.
  2. Hack Music Theory is probably the best YouTube channel for your situation. Odd sense of humour, and their phrasing can be a bit strange (I suspect because they're not native English speakers), but their way of putting stuff together is good. Anything else, just ask in here.
  3. There's a slight lack of sympathy going round.
  4. I currently work a 4 day, 10 hour week. I'm sure cutting my work hours by 40% would be great for my health, but I'd be skint.
  5. What I mean is, are they recorded "inside" the keyboard, or did you use something like Audacity to add them afterwards? If you're using the vocoder, can you save or record any of the noises you make with it?
  6. I can't really give tips 'cos I know fuck all about the production side of music, but those are all pretty decent. How did you get the voices recorded on Frydaze, or were they added separately?
  7. Finally got to see it today, and for the most part enjoyed it. I wasn't keen on having Palpatine return as he's had his slot, but with Snoke getting future endeavoured it's too late in the game to build up a new bad guy. Rey being a Palpatine was totally unnecessary too. That said, it was great hearing The Emperor's theme again. Horses. Stupid. What if there was no need for the "ground attack"? Yeah, we'll just have a shed load of horses clip-clopping around the ship, just in case. Trundle-wheel-hairdryer-bot. Serves no purpose other than to provide a piece of merch at a lower price point than BB8. Rey accidentally "killing" Chewie genuinely took me by surprise. Gutted that they only let the shock linger for about ten seconds. In trying my upmost to avoid spoilers, I wasn't aware that Leia was made from old footage, but I had seen someone on FB whinging about a CGI Leia. As a result, my thoughts when she first appeared on screen were "Fucking hell, that's REALLY realistic". Hux as the spy. It's like they couldn't think what to do with him, so thought they'd add a swerve for a swerves sake. With Kylo Ren unable to decide which side he's on, we needed unflinching maniacal Hux. While I generally don't like people returning from the dead, a little bit of me did want Phasma to reappear and kick the fuck out of Finn. Overall, it felt Star Warsy enough to fit in with what I loved about the series as a kid. I figured that as this was (probably) the last time I get to see it on the big screen, I'd sit through the credits and appreciate that wonderful, iconic main theme. I first saw Star Wars in March of 1982 as a double bill in the build up for (as it was being promoted) Revenge of the Jedi. For a five year old to sit through around four and a half hours, and be so engrossed and captivated it seems unthinkable now. And it occurred to me that as well as being such a massive part off my childhood, Star Wars was something that I always had with my Mum. We saw the original trilogy together, the special editions and the prequels. She got me a magazine/book thing just before (the renamed) Return of the Jedi came out, detailing all the ships and the creatures in Jabba's palace because she knew that I was a nerd for such information. She took me to exhibitions of costumes and models, watch the Making Of..., and if none of my friends were available would entertain me as I played with my toys. And here I now was, 38 years later, listening to that last note sat all alone in this empty auditorium. I might have had a little cry.
  8. It wasn't until I rewatched Hi-De-Hi as an adult that I realised that it was set in the 1950s and not in the current early 1980s. I put this down to holidaying at various Butlins and Pontins camps around the time that Hi-De-Hi was first shown, and that's how the camps looked. They were all pre-modernisation so still had the two storey blocks of chalets built in the 30s, the "formal" Redcoat/Bluecoat uniform, the ballroom, the dining halls, the timeless/classic/archaic entertainment (including a knobbly knees contest at Hemsby). On top of that, at Butlins (Bognor and Minehead) guests and redcoats were saying Hi-De-Hi to each other.
  9. That's J A Tracy, not A J Tracy. [/Nerrrrrrd!]
  10. You've taken it out of context. The whole quote is, "Gosh, my stomach is clearly not well and I must evacuate my bowls forthwith. I say, that lady looks the type to have pride in keeping her bathroom clean. If it means avoiding soiling myself, I wouldn't mind visiting her shitter".
  11. Is that where it comes out with a star shaped cross-section?
  12. Are we allowing The Rock's performance in Moana?
  13. Well then, you'll be pleased to know that the Loki Poki method has been discussed at work this last fortnight, as I have a collage who was on day eleven of not pooing the last time I saw her ( 21st Dec). The in-depth knowledge of pooing that I acquired here had been of great benefit (even if people are keeping their distance from me now).
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