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  1. At best I would say that Scanlon is unproven with an original project; he only has Monsters University under this belt (which was very positively received) but he's been at Pixar since 2001 and was only an animator/storyboard artist for Disney for 3 years before that. I'm not 100% sold on this next one but it's got a personal connection for him and that's often where Pixar draw their best thematic work The Cars series suffers from the awful second one, the first and third are fine, nothing special but not bad films by any stretch and at least attempted to have deeper themes if a bit ham-fisted. Cars 2 and Good Dinosaur remain the worst output; the latter being the only commercial bomb Pixar have suffered.
  2. Pixar have publicly said they are moving away from sequels now, their next 2 films in 2020 are original IP and they have no more sequels on the slate. I think they've been quite restrained with sequels too (Cars aside), Toy Story 3 was 9 years ago and 2 was 10 years before that, Incredibles 2 was 14 years after the original, Finding Dory was 13, Monsters University was 12 - all have been good to great as well, it's a far cry from the 90s Disney model of pumping out direct to video/DVD sequels on everything.
  3. we already know you're a superfan of The Elite.
  4. Father 4 Justice v AEW. Take my money (but not Seratonin's)
  5. 'bwah, Yeovil Town have rebuked my offer for Courtney Duffus, the proliteriat must suffer for this'
  6. You would need to prove that a) they had access to corporate held personal information on your Dad and b) that they used this to contact you. I doubt his work has records of your identity and/or social media details so while there may be some internal policy breach it wouldn't be a GDPR breach.
  7. Not sure lying about being a 9/11 survivor for 14 years is something that blows over, not to Americans at least. His only 'big' role was in The League anyway, not really a huge show by any stretch.
  8. "The text started 'My Physical Address' "
  9. Done, can't be having that.
  10. I'd love an edit of the TNMT arcade game where it shouted 'Lovely Pillows' instead of Cowabunga when you put in a credit...
  11. Without them, we wouldn't have had the genius of Time Trumpet, so for that reason they justify their existence.
  12. No it's not, he shouts 'PARTAYYYY' not Cowabunga.
  13. Gatso, Boydy and Jim Wallace; Gatso, Boydy and Jim Wallace; Gatso, Boydy and Jim Wallace; Nonces on a forum, sex offenders.
  14. Must have been turning up for #SUSANALBUMPARTY, bit late mind you.
  15. Yep, I remember this one too @Kaz Hayashi albeit vaguely.
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