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  1. Good starting line-up too, looking forward to seeing what gets added in the coming months. I've got the 8bitdo pro SNES pad so that'll be getting some use tonight
  2. I've not been in quite the same position, i was lucky to find an opportunity within the company I work for to 'escape' from a job I hated so didn't have to quit although I considered it. I would say this - it's difficult to take the step to 'rely on someone else' but you're in a partnership and from this and previous posts she sounds like someone who cares about you and is invested in your happiness. She is offering to take the reigns and allow you time to get your head straight, she is investing in you because she wants you to be happy and clearly realises this is the best thing for the both of you long term. So long as you make the most of this investment then you aren't letting her down.
  3. We started watching Big Mouth at the weekend, utterly fantastic. Nick Kroll, Maya Rudolph and Richard Kind are standouts but the whole voice cast are great.
  4. Last of the Summer Wine.
  5. It started with the puppet shouting at people to make decisions and ranting about PPI, really it was clearly someone thinking they were very clever coming up with the idea of 'Unlike him, PPI won't be back'.
  6. @Devon Malcolm, in association with
  7. It's the best place for it as well, nobody is buying Disney+ who isn't already fan of at least 1 of the 3 brands and it's on demand so you can watch at your leisure or binge if that's the preference. It's also giving Marvel a platform to build longer stories for their B/C list characters who would suffer having everything jammed into a 2hr movie - and also those who probably wouldn't warrant a solo movie without significantly bumping up their status within the Marvel universe such as Single Female Lawyer Hulk. Since it's streaming shows it doesn't all have to be for everyone. Ms. Marvel is unlikely to be aimed at you and I any more than Spidey and his Amazing Friends will be on Disney Junior. This is more akin to their comic universe, you can pick and choose what titles you read, sometimes we'll get crossovers and team-ups, and sometimes the big event comics will have spin-off titles.
  8. Holy shit, Punky Brewster, Breckin Myer and Shelton's Mama are in this mess. If someone can find a copy of the pilot I'd be awful grateful.
  9. Fell over due to the volume of PMs Mab sent to her.
  10. Currently downloading a 2.6tb launchbox image for my arcade machine, not worked out yet how I'm going to unpack it as the drive is only 3tb but looking forward to getting that set up as its been gathering dust recently.
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