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  1. It says something when the video games have better bond themes than some of the later efforts It also says something when it's also Joss bloody Stone.
  2. The Zedge android app (not sure if there's an iOS one too) has a heap of video game ringtones and effects amongst the other guff
  3. He was announced a couple/few weeks after tickets when on sale
  4. Owens remains on SD, the title remains on SD. The title change means that Smackdown gets a bonus draft in Jericho.
  5. 'He's a friend from work!' Echo the love for Waititi, cannot wait for this.
  6. he was doing ~MiND GAMEZ~ Their feud just reeks of efed promos "my character has magical powers from a lady under my house" "well my character has burned down your house so you don't have powers" "ok but my character has used the ashes to get his powers back" "no, because my character has put a stake through the ashes to kill your powers forever" I'd be happy if this one was just Tony Chimmel reading out a TNM printout of the match.
  7. Correct
  8. I'd say added points if they can get Adam to throw his toys out of it first, but that's hardly a challenge.
  9. While Mario Kart is essentially the Wii u version plus all the DLC there is also the addition of classic battle mode (balloons and arenas) which is enough to take my money from me.
  10. Exactly as indicated, the Pi itself is just a board, there's no onboard storage so nothing to install beforehand, everything runs off the micro SD so the image you download has everything pretty much ready to go Also Argos are doing 200gb micro SD cards for £90 right now if you fancy getting the 200gb madlittlepixel image
  11. Do you have an opinion? All we get is Vince Russo's opinion through an even shittier filter bro.
  12. Can't you just post a link to VinnyRu's website instead of your ridiculous drivel? You're beyond awful.
  13. Not cast, but has screen tested and is the front runner.
  14. The PSX titles seem to be limited in number due to size constraints so I can't see more getting added (although there are 200gb images out there but the price of 256gb Micro SD cards are upwards of £100 at the moment). It's possible to do it yourself with some research though, swapping out games you don't want for ones you do, I'm using the Madlittlepixel 128gb image and replaced some of the Dreamcast games on it without too much hassle.
  15. That ref, jesus christ. T-shirt and trackies, and counts like he's late for a doctor's appointment