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  1. Yeah I got 1 and 2 swapped, still that was a cracking start. Really keen for tonight’s episode, that 5 week wait is going to be a real chore.
  2. 1 teaser trailer and it's already getting over analysed to death, modern fucking fandom man.
  3. You see it a lot on local competitions/giveaways as well, especially ones that ask for a like and a share. It's just awful.
  4. They are - this is their final season and only 10 episodes. They still have a winter break - final 3 episodes (starting with the crisis episode) air in January. Again, looking at Sky's website the UK is 2 episodes behind on Arrow, but they are doing a double bill next week which will bring it up to date.
  5. Looking at the Sky website The Flash is 1 week behind the US. Arrow doesn't have an episode in this first block, they're now on hiatus until their Crisis episode on January 14th. Crisis starts tomorrow night with Batwoman, then Supergirl on Monday, Flash on Tuesday. We then have a 5 week wait until Arrow and Legends finish the crossover on Jan 14th.
  6. I absolutely hated Death Stranding, not going to lie. Too many 'clever' ideas but no focus on making engaging gameplay. Still though, I feel like complaining about it is redundant. It's the most Kojima Kojima game he's ever made, his fans will eat it up, but there's nothing to bring new fans in here. Same could be said for the new Pokemon, the new power of the switch has allowed them to make a very pretty version of the same game they've made for years (unless you're salty your favourite didn't make the cut) - it's a gaming loop I love, and I loved this one as well. Its a little content light but that can be put down to the jump to a bigger system, something they'll need to make sure is addressed next time though. Fucking Hop though, he can die in a fire.
  7. You can buy tickets on the gate, but the UK 2 week passes are still really cheap compared to those. for 4 days a park hopper Disney pass is $532.73-$703.24, or the base one park only per day is $447.53-$618.04 depending on the time of year you're going. A 14 day park hopper pass bought from one of the UK sites is £409. Plus you won't get the advance fast pass booking if you buy over there, which might be a crucial time-saver if you're only going to have maybe 1 full day at each park.
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