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  1. It's the last of this phase, and is put out as a closure to the Thanos arc; but no this isn't the end. Spider-man 2(7) is later this year, they've got Guardians 3 in the works, plus Black Panther 2, Doctor Strange 2, The Eternals, Captain Marvel 2 and Black Widow all not formally announced but expected to come soon. Sorry...
  2. Tilde can't agree with anything unless it's been posted on twitter first, so it's understandable.
  3. Velveteen Dream. Except he's now 'purple mcdreamyface' and gets quickly destroyed by the real acquisition Brock.
  4. Cheers, I just finished a two month subscription from Feb for £2 so this has come at the perfect time.
  5. Genuinely as much as Tommy was being a knob it wasn't aimed at you it was referencing other people in the group who have seemed normal but ended up not being, the wheelchair reference was the same and wasn't at all referencing the morality of your claim. I can only imagine the experience you've had and I realise it may have left you somewhat emotionally sensitive and justifiably so but the posts following your pictures were only group banter and not meant to attack you personally.
  6. 23 days to go and we're only really looking at fast passes for the more popular Disney stuff, not even thinking about getting any for Universal
  7. Potentially, he's better in the ring and on the mic than Snitsky ever was but he'll need to be protected as I don't think he's got the same sort of ability to bounce back as some of the bigger guys to come back from too many losses. Hard sell as a monster at only 6"3 though especially when you've got Strowman on the roster who makes him look like Tazz in comparison.
  8. I love Sami, but it was a clear 7 seconds into his music before anyone on commentary even paid attention to it and stopped making fun of Mojo Rawley, then he fell over on the way out. Just zero fucks given on either side it seems.
  9. WWE posted record revenue reports for 2018, and signed a huge TV deal last year. They aren't struggling, not even remotely.
  10. More of that please, can we have a mandated requirement for someone to make a statement/query on language in every post so that Ronnie feels obliged to drop knowledge on us.
  11. As soon as he mentioned "PG Era" it told me everything I needed to know about the "post"
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