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  1. I dip in and out of AEW but had to go watch it on YouTube this morning, the unbridled joy in Schiavone’s voice for Sting was wonderful.
  2. My kids ruin my Spotify, K-pop and songs by you tubers dominated my list.
  3. I know it’s veering off to Judith Kerr but my Tiger who came to tea was very much in the style of Leslie Phillips.
  4. A squash and a squeeze is where it’s at, none of this modern gimmickry.
  5. You can still buy codes to redeem on the PS store but they’re less readily available on there compared to Xbox/steam codes. That’s always been the way though on PS4 as well for digital titles
  6. So you’re saying that serial wind up merchant/troll Pitcos was hard done by the forum? Amazing. I’m impressed we haven’t had clique or ‘cool kids’ thrown out.
  7. Dinklebot never forget. Nolan North is a decent replacement though, they also killed off Nathan Fillion’s character and Gina Torres hasn’t had anything new to say in about 18 months. They clearly moved away from the high cost voice cast to save some money. I’ve only recently joined a clan in the last few months, until then the last raid I’d done was Kings Fall in D1. It’s still a time sink, that’s my main thing. Even with a team who knows the raid it’s still tough going and can last for hours. I’ve still only finished a couple of raids even with a clan. The new raid launched on
  8. So the Beyond Light expansion has removed the original story and first 2 expansions, there’s a new ‘First Light’ campaign which introduces you to the game and brings you somewhat up to speed, before you then move onto the Beyond Light content. You can also play the last 2 expansions Forsaken and Shadowkeep. it’s a grindy loot based live service game but the gameplay mechanics are so enjoyable and as far as FPS games go nothing compares for me. I’ve played since the beta of the first game and although I’ve dropped out on occasion it remains the only game I play with regularity. The fact it
  9. Can confirm, Pandoras box are much better value. You can get them on Amazon, either just the box to plug into an arcade machine or fully enclosed in a controller deck which just needs to be plugged Into the tv. I’ve got the latter and it works great, but pricier than the capcom one but loads more games.
  10. You can't persuade me, I'm voting UKIP instead.
  11. Our turn (maybe), 5yr old daughter now has to isolate for 2 weeks due to a confirmed case in her year group at school. Her 9yr old sister continues to go to school as normal, and my wife and I aren't required to isolate just advised to ensure only 1 person goes out when we need to - which we did anyway for the most part. Living in a small town in a region with historically lower numbers this is the first time since day one that it's felt 'close', even when there was 1 other case a month ago in another year group it still felt relatively safe. Time will tell, but if she has caught it then
  12. A very apt parallel to draw, right down the systemic racism.
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