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  1. Nintendo don't sell their consoles at a loss, never have.
  3. It's worth checking with your mobile provider on whether they have a reasonably priced data roaming add-on, EE had a plan which included roaming in the US which was perfect for us last year - I barely bothered with WiFi the whole 2 weeks. They've since removed that add-on now so it'll cost me I think around £15 for the ability to use my data when we go in June, which is still worth it to save on the hassle.
  4. It's similar to Anaheim in terms of content, but is bigger, similar in size to Magic Kingdom part of Orlando. Friend of mine went last year and his main comment was that queues were really bad so there's that to contend with.
  5. is your sim too small or too big? If it's too small you can get an adapter for pennies at Carphone Warehouse (or amazon I'm sure) if it's too large contact your provider and they'll send you a replacement sim of the correct size.
  6. Impact at one point had 17 people charged with domestic abuse under contract. They were all Bram, but still...
  7. No chance Ralphy is going back for round 2, he barely survived the first time.
  8. BK use Heinz mayo who don't make a vegan version. Setting up a new supplier relationship with a company to provide vegan mayo is probably cost prohibitive based on projected sales. Probably the opposite of poor planning in all honesty.
  9. Aldi's sweet potato burgers are nice, texture wise it's closer to a fishcake but tasted good. Not going vegan but my wife wanted to try some new food options for the new year which I'm all in favour of.
  10. It's worth getting the app for your phone, has a lot of the character of the game and means you can have a quick shot even when there's nobody to play with in the house.
  11. Good point, that would surely put the job centre under scrutiny then as they are the ones discriminating against the individual
  12. Not sure a lot of truly ethical vegans would even work for a company who sold meat products, anything like that coming up I would see being torn apart if it went to a to a tribunal.
  13. Maybe one to keep back for a couple of years but Villainous is a good gateway game, it’s a Disney themed objective based card game with some tactical play built in but nothing super taxing. Been playing it with my 8 year old who took to it way quicker than her mum did.
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