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  1. Turtles was 89, it was Turtles in Time that came out 91. X-Men although out in 92 was based on the Kitty Pryde cartoon series which is why the costumes make it look older than it was. The classic x-men cartoon came later in 92.
  2. BANNED : Butchi Abolishes Nonces, Nuisances and Egregious Dullards.
  3. Ah Vicky C. God bless her. That reminds me, it’s Monday again! Bismirching or not, I gave it a go. 4 out of 4 connections, 2 out of 4 on the themes.
  4. FFVII: Intergrade is the name of the enhanced PS5 version and is a free upgrade for anyone who has purchased the PS4 version. The PS Plus rumoured free copy will not be able to be upgraded to the new PS5 version. The Yuffie DLC is not free and can only be purchased by anyone who has upgraded to the PS5 version, it is not available for anyone still on the PS4 version.
  5. No, that’s still to come apparently. Expected to be right at the end and lead into either Spider-Man 3 or Doctor Strange 2.
  6. Right now it’s (the end reveal) only a meta joke, time will tell if it does end up being the huge status quo change that it could be, but for now it’s a wink and a nod.
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