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  1. Interesting that Sony were heavily featuring Ghostwire Tokyo as a PS5 (timed?) exclusive - that may now not even get a ps5 release at all. Massive acquisition as others have said, Microsoft now own a massive catalogue of big IPs to bolster their first party offerings.
  2. At the risk of splitting the forum again, when he folds the bread in the video he does so butter side out. Surely that’s not the norm is it?
  3. I should correct myself, it’s a continuation of the original, so we’ve had 2 series since it came back with one more to come.
  4. I wouldn’t say it was a serious fuck up, demon souls is a niche title albeit a very good one - anyone watching the show last night would also be the type to also see the retraction as well.
  5. And Mysterious Cities of Gold’s remake is already 3 seasons in with a final season next year (and is pretty good). Ulysses 31 has to be next surely.
  6. ‘Sensi Soccer’ was what the cool kids played.
  7. Tony Hawks update : its awesome.
  8. Same to be honest, Xbox or PS4 means I won’t get to play as much due to competing for screen time with the wife and kids. Work takes up enough time as it is so having the portable option would have given me more time in the evenings with it.
  9. Initial reviews have been really positive, I’m picking it up after work so can’t say for myself but it sounds like it’s a return to form.
  10. Same. Been waiting so long for a Sunshine rerelease so I’m not missing this one.
  11. Same here - no crowns but I've come 2nd a few times - either right behind the one who grabs the crown or the last to fall on Hex-a-gone. It's incredibly fun and everyone in the family is having a great time with it. Season 2 got revealed last night on the Gamescom live show - medieval themed levels look like they'll be a blast.
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