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  1. Ban on movement outside your house/garden for exercise will be enforced soon and it'll be these idiots fault.
  2. Boneyard match was fantastic, pure spectacle. What I'd love (and obv will never happen) is a release of the alternative deleted scenes from the event since they apparently filmed different outcomes on some matches to protect spoilers leaking. They could even cut an alternative Wrestlemania with the opposite outcomes, just to further cement the bizarro nature of this year's event. Hell, at the end of night two I want Vince to pop up Wayne's World style 'Hahah, can you imagine if that's how things went down? Here's what really happened' wiping to Goldberg and Lesnar both retaining (assuming Drew wins tonight).
  3. My younger daughter loves the walkers chicken crisps, but tells me that their sensations roast chicken ones are far superior.
  4. Wasn't for me either, I'm not a fan of stealth games, so the mediocre stealth mechanic just put me right off. Can't even really remember how far I got but it wasn't far. Pretty sure even the best movie in the world would be fairly hard to connect with if they repeated 5 minute chunks of the film 20-30 times before letting you move on.
  5. Carverys are the McDonalds of Roast Dinners, for better and worse.
  6. I saw that as well, really hope it's true as I've long wanted a remaster of Sunshine.
  7. No Tail Spin, but apparently it's coming in the next couple of months - it's on the US version so might just be one that needs to wait for the on demand rights to expire elsewhere.
  8. Not exactly top twitter, but it made me smile.
  9. government will cover 80% of wages, so it'll cost them less but they won't lose productivity. Basically taking advantage, won't be the only ones. If it gets caught it'll be on the company not the individual - she'll be paid by the company, she isn't directly receiving the furlough payment.
  10. I've got 5 netgear ones dotted around the house, had them 3-4 years now for a combination of ethernet connections and wi-fi repeaters - never ever had an issue with any of them.
  11. They've only announced payment until April 19th for now, they haven't said they won't be covering wages after the 19th yet. At this point with Orange County only being locked down until the week before they may be waiting to see how that plays out. We were due to go in June, 100% that won't happen but we haven't rescheduled yet - due to my wife's work insisting they take half their holidays in the next 3 months she won't have time left to reschedule it for this year so it'll definitely be 2021 now. Because of that we're waiting to see if they go ahead with the announcement for the free dining plans next month. We've got until the 31st May to reschedule which TUI have said can be done FOC (only paying the difference in the holiday cost, or getting money back if it ends up cheaper, which it won't) so are not in a rush to do so.
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