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  1. No worries, it's just the more implicated we are (indirectly) by this then the more chance this thread has to be locked/deleted which will be a headache for the mods. Obv if a current/regular/historically prolific user were to be implicated then there'd be no avoiding it and rightly so but hopefully it doesn't' come to that.
  2. 'posted' rather than 'posts', he hasn't logged on in nearly 5 years and only joined the year before that. Let's not make associations with characters like this when it's not really valid. To an extent, yes - as an employer (Progress with it's 'they're not our responsibility when they aren't at a show' bollocks can piss off) they need to be open to listening to complaints and act accordingly. When it's more serious though such as an actual physical assault or rape - not to belittle harassment and bullying - we should have a society where women feel comfortable and confident that they can report the matter to the police without worrying about being made to feel like a liar and being shunned by people who side with the defendant. It shouldn't be on an employer to handle something like that directly as a first point of contact, that's a criminal matter.
  3. Oh absolutely, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s had to hand over his account to wwe legal for now so that he doesn’t say anything silly (whether guilty or innocent).
  4. There’s another post from Riddle’s accuser with more screenshots, including one from Riddle’s wife. Two sides to everything but she’s the one providing evidence right now.
  5. "You're breathtaking!"....."Yeah, well you're a cunt."
  6. No motion control in the lite, you can connect joy cons and use those for motion control but there’s nothing built in so I would imagine there will be manual controls as well.
  7. Yes, yes, clearly *we’re* the problem.
  8. 24 days to be exact, and the 2 cases were Brits who were allowed to fly over to see a dying relative. Apparently they and the 1 other person they had close contact with since arriving have been isolated.
  9. We had Outrunners at the big arcade up here, spent a lot of pennies on that and the 4 player x-men arcade.
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